CLRN1 Antisense RNA 1 (CLRN1-AS1) ELISA Kits

The protein encoded by CLRN1-AS1 is a ubiquitin-like protein that is conjugated to intracellular target proteins upon activation by interferon-alpha and interferon-beta.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Mouse CLRN1-AS1 CLRN1-AS1 100038882 Q64339
CLRN1-AS1 9636 P05161
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Human 12.1 pg/mL 31.2-2000 pg/mL 96 Tests Log in to see 13 to 16 Days

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Mouse (Murine) CLRN1 Antisense RNA 1 (CLRN1-AS1) interaction partners

  1. ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) acts as an immunomodulator in the cornea and plays a critical role in controlling fungal keratitis.

  2. USP18 (show USP18 ELISA Kits)'s ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) specificity is mediated by a small interaction interface.

  3. Posttranslational protein modification by ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) plays an important role in antiviral defense

  4. These studies provide evidence, ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) is elevated following TBI in mice, preceding MLCK (show MYLK ELISA Kits) elevation, development of BBB (show ALMS1 ELISA Kits) disruption, and cerebral edema.

  5. Kruppel-like factor 9 (KLF9 (show KLF9 ELISA Kits)) is a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor in the ApcMin/+ mouse colon by suppressing expression of ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits), an apoptosis-inhibiting cytokine.

  6. Propose that Isg15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits)-dependent degradation of p53 (show TP53 ELISA Kits) represents an alternative mechanism of controlling p53 (show TP53 ELISA Kits) protein levels, and, thus, it is an attractive pathway for drug discovery.

  7. Embryo mortality occurs in pregnant Isg15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits)(-/-) mice, is exacerbated by environmental insults like maternal hypoxia, and might result from impaired early decidualization, vascular development, and formation of the labyrinth.

  8. Enhanced resistance upon influenza B infection in USP18 (show USP18 ELISA Kits)(C61A/C61A (show BRCC3 ELISA Kits)) mice was completely reversed in USP18 (show USP18 ELISA Kits)(C61A/C61A (show BRCC3 ELISA Kits)) mice, which additionally lack ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits), providing evidence that the observed reduction in viral titers is ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) dependent

  9. Authors found that ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) protects mice from influenza A virus and Sendai virus induced lethality by a conjugation-dependent mechanism in both of these models.

  10. study demonstrated that ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) had an anti-apoptotic effect on the beta cell line MIN6; conclusion is consistent with previous reports that ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) has a protective role

Human CLRN1 Antisense RNA 1 (CLRN1-AS1) interaction partners

  1. epletion of either ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) or UBE2L6/UBCH8 (show UBE2L6 ELISA Kits) resulted in enhanced endogenous autophagic flux.

  2. unlike ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits), ubiquitin and FAT10 (show UBD ELISA Kits) are conjugated to a similar degree to newly translated and pre-existing proteins.

  3. This paper shows that ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) directly regulates Human Cytomegalovirus replication and that its accumulation restricts productive virus growth.

  4. The results suggest that integrin-adhesion-induced MRTF-A (show MKL1 ELISA Kits)-SRF activation and ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) expression constitute a newly discovered signaling circuit that promotes cell migration and invasion.

  5. These data indicate that hepatic expression of PSMA6 (show PSMA6 ELISA Kits), which is upregulated during viral hepatitis, likely depends on TLR3 (show TLR3 ELISA Kits) activation and, that PSMA6 (show PSMA6 ELISA Kits) affects the expression of immunoregulatory ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits), a proviral factor in the pathogenesis of hepatitis C virus infection.

  6. ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) dysregulation may be involved in the pathogenesis of glomerular inflammation

  7. This study shows that interferon (show IFNA ELISA Kits)-stimulated gene 15 (ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits)) lowers Human respiratory syncytial virus growth through protein ISGylation.

  8. Data show the induction of signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT)1 (show STAT1 ELISA Kits) and IFN-stimulated gene 15 protein (ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits)) in Rickettsia conorii-infected human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs).

  9. ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) is elevated in viremic HIV-1 patients and is associated with high TRAIL and IDO (show IDO1 ELISA Kits) levels.

  10. ISG15 (show ISG15 ELISA Kits) might serve as a novel prognostic biomarker in drinkers with esophageal squamous cell cancer

CLRN1 Antisense RNA 1 (CLRN1-AS1) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a ubiquitin-like protein that is conjugated to intracellular target proteins upon activation by interferon-alpha and interferon-beta. Several functions have been ascribed to the encoded protein, including chemotactic activity towards neutrophils, direction of ligated target proteins to intermediate filaments, cell-to-cell signaling, and antiviral activity during viral infections. While conjugates of this protein have been found to be noncovalently attached to intermediate filaments, this protein is sometimes secreted.

Gene names and symbols associated with CLRN1-AS1

  • ISG15 ubiquitin-like modifier (Isg15) antibody
  • ISG15 ubiquitin-like modifier (ISG15) antibody
  • G1P2 antibody
  • hUCRP antibody
  • IFI15 antibody
  • IGI15 antibody
  • IP17 antibody
  • Irfp antibody
  • UCRP antibody

Protein level used designations for CLRN1-AS1

ubiquitin-like protein ISG15 , interferon-stimulated protein 15 , ubiquitin cross-reactive protein , interferon-induced 15 kDa protein , interferon-induced 15-KDa protein , interferon-induced 17 kDa protein , interferon, alpha-inducible protein , interferon-stimulated protein (15 kDa) , interferon, alpha-inducible protein (clone IFI-15K) , interferon-induced 17-kDa/15-kDa protein , interferon-stimulated protein, 15 kDa

100038882 Mus musculus
9636 Homo sapiens
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