Calpain 7 (CAPN7) ELISA Kits

Calpains are ubiquitous, well-conserved family of calcium-dependent, cysteine proteases. Additionally we are shipping Calpain 7 Antibodies (19) and Calpain 7 Proteins (5) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human CAPN7 CAPN7 23473 Q9Y6W3
Anti-Mouse CAPN7 CAPN7 12339 Q9R1S8
Anti-Rat CAPN7 CAPN7 306260  
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More ELISA Kits for Calpain 7 Interaction Partners

Human Calpain 7 (CAPN7) interaction partners

  1. The proteolytic activity of CAPN7 is important for the acceleration of EGFR (show EGFR ELISA Kits) degradation via the endosomal sorting pathway.

  2. Data indicate that CAPN 7 promotes endometrial stromal cell (hESC) migration and invasion by increasing the activity of MMP-2 (show MMP2 ELISA Kits) via an increased ratio of MMP-2 (show MMP2 ELISA Kits) to TIMP-2 (show TIMP2 ELISA Kits).

  3. Mutational analysis of calpain-7 reveals the importance of not only the N-terminal microtubule-interacting and trafficking domains but also the C-terminal C2 domain-like domains for proteolytic activity.

  4. The detected enhancement of autolysis of mGFP-fused calpain-7 by coexpression with CHMP1B and observed further activation by additional coexpression of IST1 (show IST1 ELISA Kits) in HEK293T cells.

  5. Results demonstrate that human calpain 7 is proteolytically active, and imply that calpain 7 is activated by ESCRT-III-related protein IST1 (show IST1 ELISA Kits).

Mouse (Murine) Calpain 7 (CAPN7) interaction partners

  1. calpain-derived Htt (show HTT ELISA Kits) fragmentation has a role in Huntington's disease and aberrant activation of calpains may play a role in HD pathogenesis

Calpain 7 (CAPN7) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Calpains are ubiquitous, well-conserved family of calcium-dependent, cysteine proteases. The calpain proteins are heterodimers consisting of an invariant small subunit and variable large subunits. The large subunit possesses a cysteine protease domain, and both subunits possess calcium-binding domains. Calpains have been implicated in neurodegenerative processes, as their activation can be triggered by calcium influx and oxidative stress. The function of the protein encoded by this gene is not known. An orthologue has been found in mouse but it seems to diverge from other family members. The mouse orthologue is thought to be calcium independent with protease activity.

Gene names and symbols associated with Calpain 7 (CAPN7) ELISA Kits

  • calpain 7 (capn7) antibody
  • calpain 7 (CAPN7) antibody
  • calpain 7 (Bm1_14050) antibody
  • calpain 7 (Capn7) antibody
  • AU022319 antibody
  • CALPAIN7 antibody
  • CAPN7 antibody
  • MGC69291 antibody
  • PalBH antibody

Protein level used designations for Calpain 7 (CAPN7) ELISA Kits

calpain 7 , calpain-7-like , calpain like protease , calpain-7 , homolog of Aspergillus Nidulans PALB , palB homolog

407932 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
420683 Gallus gallus
460202 Pan troglodytes
477062 Canis lupus familiaris
618048 Bos taurus
6097724 Brugia malayi
100414236 Callithrix jacchus
23473 Homo sapiens
12339 Mus musculus
306260 Rattus norvegicus
100037936 Sus scrofa
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