Discs, Large Homolog 2 (Drosophila) (DLG2) ELISA Kits

DLG2 encodes a member of the membrane-associated guanylate kinase (MAGUK) family. Additionally we are shipping DLG2 Antibodies (92) and DLG2 Proteins (3) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human DLG2 DLG2 1740 Q15700
Anti-Mouse DLG2 DLG2 23859 Q91XM9
Anti-Rat DLG2 DLG2 64053 Q63622
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More ELISA Kits for DLG2 Interaction Partners

Human Discs, Large Homolog 2 (Drosophila) (DLG2) interaction partners

  1. Two novel promoters and coding first exons in the DLG2 gene were identified. These novel isoforms are expressed in the fetal brain. Deletions of these new elements were found associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. The work brings evidence for the lack of cross-annotation in human versus mouse reference genomes and nucleotide versus protein databases.

  2. DLG2 - novel candidate genes validated in a large case-control sample of schizophrenia.

  3. The PDZ1 domain of PSD-93 might accept peptides with larger residues at the C-terminus than that of PSD-95 (show DLG4 ELISA Kits), for example the GluD2 (show GLUD2 ELISA Kits) C-terminal Ile versus the Val found at the C-terminus of NMDA receptors.

  4. This study showed that DLG2 is related the complex learning.

  5. Comparison of the structures of the binding cleft of PSD-93 PDZ1 with the previously reported structures of PSD-93 PDZ2 and PDZ3 as well as of the closely related human PSD-95 (show DLG4 ELISA Kits) PDZ1 shows that they are very similar in terms of amino-acid composition

  6. Variation at the DLG2 locus contributes to maintenance of glucose homeostasis through regulation of insulin (show INS ELISA Kits) sensitivity and beta-cell function.

  7. Coexpression of Kir2.1 (show KCNJ2 ELISA Kits) and PSD (show PSD ELISA Kits)-93delta had no discernible effect upon channel kinetics but resulted in cell surface Kir2.1 (show KCNJ2 ELISA Kits) clustering and suppression of channel internalization.

  8. identifies new isoform of DLG2 gene, which contains 3'-end exons of the known DLG2 gene along with the hypothetical gene FLJ37266; new isoform is specifically upregulated in renal oncocytoma

Mouse (Murine) Discs, Large Homolog 2 (Drosophila) (DLG2) interaction partners

  1. New DLG2 gene models for human and mouse. The work brings evidence for the lack of cross-annotation in human versus mouse reference genomes and nucleotide versus protein databases.

  2. PSD-93 knockout led to downregulation of Cox-2 (show COX2 ELISA Kits) and iNOS (show NOS2 ELISA Kits) expression, and increase in the mRNA levels of IL-10 (show IL10 ELISA Kits) following ischemic brain injury.

  3. This study identified four proteins SynGAP (show SYNGAP1 ELISA Kits), Syntaxin-1A (show STX1A ELISA Kits), VDLC, and PKCbeta differentially expressed between PSD-93 KO and WT mice 4 h after tMCAO

  4. Downregulation of nAChR (show CHRNA4 ELISA Kits) subunit and PSD-93 expression after cavernous nerve injury, or even manipulation, could interrupt synaptic transmission within the MPG (show MPG ELISA Kits) and thus contribute to the loss of neural control of urogenital organs after pelvic surgeries.

  5. Membrane-associated guanylate kinase (show GUK1 ELISA Kits) homolog PSD-93 is a central organizer of the postsynaptic density at excitatory synapses on pyramidal neurons.

  6. These data show critical roles for psd-93 and interactions with NMDA receptor subunits in organizing the differential expression in rafts and postsynaptic densities of synaptic signaling complexes.

  7. Since NMDARs, Ca(2 (show CA2 ELISA Kits)+), and NO play a critical role during the development of brain trauma, seizures, and ischemia, the present work suggests that PSD-93 might contribute to molecular mechanisms of neuronal damage in these brain disorders.

  8. PSD-93 deficiency in knock-out mice results in a decrease in the minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration of halothane (show RYR1 ELISA Kits).

  9. PSD-93 serves as a membrane-anchored substrate of Fyn (show FYN ELISA Kits) and plays a role in the regulation of Fyn (show FYN ELISA Kits)-mediated modification of NMDA receptor function

  10. PSD93 containing complexes regulates synaptic stability at neuronal cholinergic synapses.

DLG2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the membrane-associated guanylate kinase (MAGUK) family. The encoded protein forms a heterodimer with a related family member that may interact at postsynaptic sites to form a multimeric scaffold for the clustering of receptors, ion channels, and associated signaling proteins. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. Additional transcript variants have been described, but their full-length nature is not known.

Gene names and symbols associated with DLG2

  • discs, large (Drosophila) homolog 2 (dlg2) antibody
  • discs, large homolog 2 (Drosophila) (DLG2) antibody
  • discs, large homolog 2 (Drosophila) (Dlg2) antibody
  • A330103J02Rik antibody
  • B230218P12Rik antibody
  • B330007M19Rik antibody
  • chapsyn-110 antibody
  • Dlgh2 antibody
  • Gm1197 antibody
  • PPP1R58 antibody
  • PSD-93 antibody
  • PSD93 antibody

Protein level used designations for DLG2

PSD-93 , disks large homolog 2 , postsynaptic density protein 93 , channel-associated protein of synapse-110 , channel-associated protein of synapses, 110kDa , discs, large homolog 2, chapsyn-110 , postsynaptic density protein PSD-93 , protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 58 , chapsyn-110 , discs large homolog 2 , synaptic density protein PSD-93

497638 Danio rerio
1740 Homo sapiens
23859 Mus musculus
64053 Rattus norvegicus
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