Homeobox A9 (HOXA9) ELISA Kits

In vertebrates, the genes encoding the class of transcription factors called homeobox genes are found in clusters named A, B, C, and D on four separate chromosomes. Additionally we are shipping HOXA9 Antibodies (112) and HOXA9 Proteins (9) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human HOXA9 HOXA9 3205 P31269
Anti-Mouse HOXA9 HOXA9 15405 P09631
Anti-Rat HOXA9 HOXA9 500126  
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More ELISA Kits for HOXA9 Interaction Partners

Human Homeobox A9 (HOXA9) interaction partners

  1. The HOXA9 moiety of NUP98 (show NUP98 ELISA Kits)-HOXA9 is essential for binding to the Hoxa gene locus. MLL (show MLL ELISA Kits) is important for the recruitment of NUP98 (show NUP98 ELISA Kits)-HOXA9 to the HOXA locus and for NUP98 (show NUP98 ELISA Kits)-HOXA9-induced HOXA gene expression.

  2. In the present study, we found in a translational stepwise approach that promoter DNA methylation (show HELLS ELISA Kits) of the homeobox (show Lbx1 ELISA Kits) (HOX (show MSH2 ELISA Kits)) gene HOXA9 could help predict resistance or response to cisplatin-based chemotherapy in patients with bladder cancer

  3. DYNLT1 (show DYNLT1 ELISA Kits) interacts with nucleoporins and plays a role in the dysregulation of gene expression and induction of hematopoietic cell proliferation by the leukemogenic nucleoporin (show AGFG2 ELISA Kits) fusion, NUP98 (show NUP98 ELISA Kits)-HOXA9

  4. Low HOXA9 expression is associated with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.

  5. This study identified HOXA9 as a target gene of miR (show MLXIP ELISA Kits)-196b and determined that the mechanism of miR (show MLXIP ELISA Kits)-196b-mediated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and invasion processes involves the regulation of HOXA9 expression in non-small cell lung cancer cells.

  6. Advanced glycation end products could induce endothelial cell dysfunction through NF-kappaB (show NFKB1 ELISA Kits) dependent HoxA9 downregulation.

  7. HOXA9 role in acute myeloid leukemia (show BCL11A ELISA Kits).

  8. NUP98 (show NUP98 ELISA Kits)-HOXA9 ability to induce blood cell expansion is evolutionarily conserved.

  9. Homeobox A9 (HOXA9) expression was inversely correlated with microRNA miR (show MLXIP ELISA Kits)-196b levels in recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC).

  10. Promoter variants in HOXA9, TPM1 (show TPM1 ELISA Kits), and TPM2 (show TPM2 ELISA Kits), alter promoter expression suggesting that they have a functional role in clubfoot.

Mouse (Murine) Homeobox A9 (HOXA9) interaction partners

  1. The analysis points to a critical role for Hoxa9 and PU.1 in distal regulation of c-myb (show MYB ELISA Kits) expression in murine myeloid cells during iL-6 (show IL6 ELISA Kits)-induced cell differentiation.

  2. the Hoxa9- and Meis1 (show MEIS1 ELISA Kits)-associated upregulation of Flt3 (show FLT3 ELISA Kits) is a passive event with regard to leukemia development in mice and with limited relevance to the AML (show RUNX1 ELISA Kits) pathology.

  3. the cohesin complex regulates PRC2 targeting to silence Hoxa7 and Hoxa9 and negatively regulate self-renewal. Our studies identify a novel epigenetic mechanism underlying leukemogenesis in AML patients with cohesin mutations.

  4. data delineate an altered epigenetic stress response in activated satellite cells from aged mice, which limits satellite cell function and muscle regeneration by Hoxa9-dependent activation of developmental pathways

  5. Pbx3 contributes to Hoxa9 leukemogenesis through stabilization of the Meis1 (show MEIS1 ELISA Kits) protein.

  6. IGF-1 (show IGF1 ELISA Kits) is a direct HOXA9 target important for hematopoietic transformation.

  7. deficiency of tumor suppressor prep1 accelerates the onset of meis1 (show MEIS1 ELISA Kits)- hoxa9 leukemogenesis

  8. Hoxa9 collaborates with E2A (show TCF3 ELISA Kits)-PBX1 (show PBX1 ELISA Kits) in mouse B cell leukemia in association with Flt3 (show FLT3 ELISA Kits) activation and decrease of B cell gene expression.

  9. results suggest a previously unidentified role for C/EBPalpha (show CEBPA ELISA Kits) in maintaining the proliferation required for Hoxa9/Meis1 (show MEIS1 ELISA Kits)-mediated leukemogenesis

  10. This is the first description of a molecular link between HoxA9 and the regulation of Bcl-2 (show BCL2 ELISA Kits) family members in acute myeloid leukemia (show BCL11A ELISA Kits).

HOXA9 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

In vertebrates, the genes encoding the class of transcription factors called homeobox genes are found in clusters named A, B, C, and D on four separate chromosomes. Expression of these proteins is spatially and temporally regulated during embryonic development. This gene is part of the A cluster on chromosome 7 and encodes a DNA-binding transcription factor which may regulate gene expression, morphogenesis, and differentiation. This gene is highly similar to the abdominal-B (Abd-B) gene of Drosophila. A specific translocation event which causes a fusion between this gene and the NUP98 gene has been associated with myeloid leukemogenesis. Read-through transcription exists between this gene and the upstream homeobox A10 (HOXA10) gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with Homeobox A9 (HOXA9) ELISA Kits

  • homeobox A9 (HOXA9) antibody
  • HOXA9A (hxoa9a) antibody
  • homeobox A9 (hoxa9) antibody
  • homeobox A9 (Hoxa9) antibody
  • ABD-B antibody
  • D6a9 antibody
  • Hox-1.7 antibody
  • HOX1 antibody
  • HOX1.7 antibody
  • HOX1G antibody
  • Hox1r5 antibody
  • HOXA-9 antibody
  • Hoxa7 antibody
  • HOXA9 antibody
  • hoxa9-A antibody
  • xhoxa9 antibody
  • XlHbox-6 antibody
  • XlHbox6 antibody

Protein level used designations for Homeobox A9 (HOXA9) ELISA Kits

homeobox A9 , homeobox protein Hox-A9 , HOXA9A , XIHbox 6 , homeobox protein Hox-1G , homeodomain protein HOXA9 , homeo box A9 , homeobox protein Hox-1.7 , Homeobox gene A7 , homeobox protein Hox-1.1 , homeobox protein Hox-A7 , homeobox protein R5 , hox-1.1 , homeobox protein A9

482372 Canis lupus familiaris
699729 Macaca mulatta
745701 Pan troglodytes
100137363 Papio anubis
100328788 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100049208 Oryzias latipes
100037070 Xenopus laevis
396096 Gallus gallus
3205 Homo sapiens
15405 Mus musculus
500126 Rattus norvegicus
510459 Bos taurus
100725915 Cavia porcellus
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