Kinesin Family Member 23 (KIF23) ELISA Kits

The protein encoded by KIF23 is a member of kinesin-like protein family. Additionally we are shipping KIF23 Antibodies (29) and and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human KIF23 KIF23 9493 Q02241
Anti-Mouse KIF23 KIF23 71819  
Anti-Rat KIF23 KIF23 315740  
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More ELISA Kits for KIF23 Interaction Partners

Human Kinesin Family Member 23 (KIF23) interaction partners

  1. Data show high level of KIF23 expression in the majority of primary and metastatic lung cancer tissues or cell lines and associates with poor survival.

  2. In this study we show for the first time that KIF23 V1 and V2 have different localizations in hepatocellular carcinoma cells

  3. Phosphorylation of S716 NDR (show STK38 ELISA Kits)/LATS, present only in the longest Kif23 isoform, is required for phosphorylation at S814, revealing phosphorylation at these two sites, and differential regulation of Kif23-14-3-3 (show YWHAQ ELISA Kits) interaction for the two Kif23 isoforms.

  4. TRAF6 (show TRAF6 ELISA Kits) mediates ubiquitination of the midbody ring localized protein KIF23/MKLP1.

  5. Transcriptional regulation of KIF23 is mediated by TP53 (show TP53 ELISA Kits).

  6. KIF23 mutation is associated with congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type III.

  7. v-Src (show SRC ELISA Kits) inhibits cytokinesis through the delocalization of Mklp1 and Aurora B (show AURKB ELISA Kits) from the spindle midzone, resulting in binucleation.

  8. It was shown that, during cytokinesis, Arf6 (show ARF6 ELISA Kits) is first accumulated around the cleavage furrow and, prior to abscission, recruited onto the Flemming body via interaction with MKLP1.

  9. The results of this study indicated that downregulation of KIF23 decreases proliferation of glioma cells and that KIF23 may be a novel therapeutic target in malignant glioma.

  10. Study shows that 14-3-3 protein (show YWHAE ELISA Kits) binds centralspindlin when the kinesin-6 (show KIF12 ELISA Kits) component MKLP1 is phosphorylated at S710; 14-3-3 (show YWHAQ ELISA Kits) prevents centralspindlin from clustering in vitro, and MKLP1 mutant that is unable to bind 14-3-3 (show YWHAQ ELISA Kits) forms aberrant clusters in vivo.

Mouse (Murine) Kinesin Family Member 23 (KIF23) interaction partners

  1. depletion of KIF23 inhibited lung tumor formation in vivo, similar to what is seen with deletion of MMB (show DYRK1A ELISA Kits). In vitro, the depletion of KIF23 in lung cancer cell lines showed strong anti-proliferative activity, which was accompanied by apoptosis in a subset of cell lines.

KIF23 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of kinesin-like protein family. This family includes microtubule-dependent molecular motors that transport organelles within cells and move chromosomes during cell division. This protein has been shown to cross-bridge antiparallel microtubules and drive microtubule movement in vitro. Alternate splicing of this gene results in two transcript variants encoding two different isoforms.

Gene names and symbols associated with KIF23

  • kinesin family member 23 (KIF23) antibody
  • kinesin family member 23 (kif23) antibody
  • kinesin family member 23 (Kif23) antibody
  • 3110001D19Rik antibody
  • C87313 antibody
  • cb738 antibody
  • cho1 antibody
  • KIF23 antibody
  • knsl5 antibody
  • mklp-1 antibody
  • mklp1 antibody
  • wu:fi30e02 antibody
  • wu:fi39f08 antibody
  • zMKLP1 antibody

Protein level used designations for KIF23

kinesin family member 23 , kinesin-like protein KIF23 , kinesin-like protein KIF23-like , kinesin-like 5 (mitotic kinesin-like protein 1) , kinesin-like 5 , mitotic kinesin-like protein 1

453544 Pan troglodytes
695229 Macaca mulatta
100403456 Callithrix jacchus
100460820 Pongo abelii
100480244 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100548150 Meleagris gallopavo
100556635 Anolis carolinensis
100593002 Nomascus leucogenys
9493 Homo sapiens
478355 Canis lupus familiaris
515748 Bos taurus
71819 Mus musculus
315740 Rattus norvegicus
30627 Danio rerio
495418 Xenopus laevis
415567 Gallus gallus
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