L(3)mbt-Like 2 (Drosophila) (L3MBTL2) ELISA Kits

Putative Polycomb group (PcG) protein. Additionally we are shipping L3MBTL2 Antibodies (45) and L3MBTL2 Proteins (6) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human L3MBTL2 L3MBTL2 83746 Q969R5
Anti-Mouse L3MBTL2 L3MBTL2 214669 P59178
Anti-Rat L3MBTL2 L3MBTL2 300320 Q3MIF2
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More ELISA Kits for L3MBTL2 Interaction Partners

Human L(3)mbt-Like 2 (Drosophila) (L3MBTL2) interaction partners

  1. L3MBTL2 polymorphism is associated with neuroticism.

  2. Our findings highlight a PcG/L3MBTL2 collaboration that attains repressive chromatin without entailing histone lysine methylation marks.

  3. High-resolution crystallographic analysis of the four MBT (show PRTN3 ELISA Kits) repeats of L3MBTL2 reveals its unique asymmetric rhomboid architecture, as well as binding mechanism, which preclude the interaction of the first three MBT (show PRTN3 ELISA Kits) repeats with methylated peptides.

  4. determination of the solution structure of the FCS zinc finger of L3MBTL2; structure consists of a beta (show SUCLA2 ELISA Kits)-hairpin followed by an alpha-helix; structure is consistent with the proposal that FCS zinc fingers bind to regulatory RNAs

Mouse (Murine) L(3)mbt-Like 2 (Drosophila) (L3MBTL2) interaction partners

  1. Disruption of L3mbtl2 results in embryonic lethality with failure of gastrulation.

L3MBTL2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Putative Polycomb group (PcG) protein. PcG proteins maintain the transcriptionally repressive state of genes, probably via a modification of chromatin, rendering it heritably changed in its expressibility. Its association with a chromatin-remodeling complex suggests that it may contribute to prevent expression of genes that trigger the cell into mitosis. Binds to monomethylated and dimethylated 'Lys-20' on histone H4. Binds histone H3 peptides that are monomethylated or dimethylated on 'Lys-4', 'Lys-9' or 'Lys-27' (By similarity).

Gene names and symbols associated with L3MBTL2

  • l(3)mbt-like 2 (Drosophila) (L3MBTL2) antibody
  • l(3)mbt-like 2 (Drosophila) (l3mbtl2) antibody
  • l(3)mbt-like 2 (Drosophila) (L3mbtl2) antibody
  • 4732493N06Rik antibody
  • H-l(3)mbt-l antibody
  • im:7137244 antibody
  • L3MBT antibody
  • L3MBTL2 antibody
  • M4mbt antibody
  • wu:fb04e09 antibody
  • zgc:66491 antibody

Protein level used designations for L3MBTL2

lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like protein 2 , l(3)mbt-like 2 (Drosophila) , L(3)mbt-like 2 protein , Lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like 2 protein , l(3)mbt-like protein 2 , lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like protein 2-like , H-l(3)mbt-like protein 2 , L(3)mbt-like protein 2 , l(3)mbt-like 2 protein , lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like 2 protein

417999 Gallus gallus
458863 Pan troglodytes
568473 Danio rerio
706602 Macaca mulatta
100089442 Ornithorhynchus anatinus
100173412 Pongo abelii
100468943 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100589725 Nomascus leucogenys
83746 Homo sapiens
481235 Canis lupus familiaris
513297 Bos taurus
214669 Mus musculus
300320 Rattus norvegicus
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