Lectin, Mannose-Binding 2-Like (LMAN2L) ELISA Kits

May be involved in the regulation of export from the endoplasmic reticulum of a subset of glycoproteins. Additionally we are shipping Lectin, Mannose-Binding 2-Like Antibodies (12) and Lectin, Mannose-Binding 2-Like Proteins (10) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human LMAN2L LMAN2L 81562 Q9H0V9
Anti-Mouse LMAN2L LMAN2L 214895 P59481
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Human Lectin, Mannose-Binding 2-Like (LMAN2L) interaction partners

  1. Homozygous missense mutation p.R53Q in the LMAN2L gene causes autosomal recessive intellectual disability and seizures.

  2. Study showed a significant association between LMAN2L and risk of both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

  3. The results of this study suggested that significant novel association signals near the genes LMAN2L and provide supportive evidence for the previously reported association signals near ANK3 (show ANK3 ELISA Kits) and within the 3p21.1 locus.

  4. VIPL terminates in the sequence KRFY, characteristic for proteins recycling between the ER and ERGIC/cis (show CISH ELISA Kits)-Golgi; and knock-down of VIPL mRNA slowed secretion of two glycoproteins (35 and 250 kDa), suggesting that VIPL may function as an ER export receptor.

  5. selective interaction of VIPL and VIP36 (show LMAN2 ELISA Kits) with the deglucosylated trimannose in the D1 branch of high-mannose-type oligosaccharides but with different pH dependence.

Lectin, Mannose-Binding 2-Like (LMAN2L) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

May be involved in the regulation of export from the endoplasmic reticulum of a subset of glycoproteins. May function as a regulator of ERGIC-53 (By similarity).

Gene names and symbols associated with LMAN2L

  • lectin, mannose-binding 2-like (LMAN2L) antibody
  • lectin, mannose-binding 2-like (Lman2l) antibody
  • A630028F14Rik antibody
  • VIP36-like antibody
  • VIPL antibody

Protein level used designations for LMAN2L

LMAN2-like protein , VIP36-like protein , lectin mannose-binding 2-like

81562 Homo sapiens
214895 Mus musculus
539289 Bos taurus
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