RAN Binding Protein 9 Proteins (RANBP9)

RANBP9 encodes a protein that binds RAN, a small GTP binding protein belonging to the RAS superfamily that is essential for the translocation of RNA and proteins through the nuclear pore complex.

list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Rat RANBP9 RANBP9 364686  
Mouse RANBP9 RANBP9 233726 Q9EPL8
Human RANBP9 RANBP9 10048 Q96S59
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More Proteins for RAN Binding Protein 9 (RANBP9) Interaction Partners

Mouse (Murine) RAN Binding Protein 9 (RANBP9) interaction partners

  1. the role of RanBP9 in the brain

  2. Down-regulation of importin 7 (show IPO7 Proteins) suppresses lung tumorigenesis via suppressing Akt (show AKT1 Proteins) activity and inducing apoptosis

  3. A novel role of Ranbp9 in regulating alternative splicing in spermatogenic cells, which is critical for normal spermatogenesis and male fertility.

  4. Data found that endogenous RanBP9 positively regulates SSH1 levels and mediates Abeta-induced translocation of cofilin to mitochondria and induction of cofilin-actin pathology in cultured cells, primary neurons, and in vivo

  5. RanBP9 overexpression in APDeltaE9 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease further exacerbated the reductions in spine density in both the cortex and the hippocampus

  6. results suggest that functional interactions between BM88/Cend1 (show CEND1 Proteins), RanBPM and Dyrk1B (show DYRK1B Proteins) affect the balance between cellular proliferation and differentiation in Neuro 2a cells

  7. The AXL (show AXL Proteins)/LRP-1 (show LRP1 Proteins)/RANBP9 complex is used by dendritic cells to cross-present apoptotic cell-associated antigens to T cells.

  8. RanBP9 overexpression in transgenic mice led to striking reduction in the levels of spinophilin (show PPP1R9B Proteins).

  9. RanBP9 physically interacts with the tumor suppressor p73 (show ARHGAP24 Proteins) and increases endogenous p73alpha levels at both transcriptional and post-translational levels.

  10. RanBP9-cofilin (show CFL1 Proteins) pathway as critical therapeutic targets not only for stemming Abeta (show APP Proteins) generation but also antagonizing Abeta (show APP Proteins)-induced neurotoxicity.

Human RAN Binding Protein 9 (RANBP9) interaction partners

  1. RanBP9/TSSC3 (show PHLDA2 Proteins) complex cooperatively suppress metastasis via downregulation of Src (show SRC Proteins)-dependent Akt (show AKT1 Proteins) pathway to expedite mitochondrial-associated anoikis.

  2. Results show that increased expression of RanBPM associates with postponed disease progression and better prognosis suggesting that RanBPM plays an inhibitory role in regulating proliferation and invasion of lung cancer cells.

  3. The 20-mer (show MERTK Proteins) peptide (residues 228-247) of human DDX-4 (show DDX4 Proteins), an ATP-dependent RNA helicase known to regulate germ cell development, binds to a unique shallow binding surface on RanBPM formed by highly conserved loops on the surface of the beta-sheet with two aspartates on one end, a positive patch on the opposite end, and a tryptophan lining at the bottom of the surface.

  4. RanBPM acts as a negative regulator of BLT2 and IL8 (show IL8 Proteins), thus attenuating the invasiveness of aggressive breast cancer cells

  5. RanBP9 absence hampers the molecular mechanisms leading to efficient repair of damaged DNA, resulting in enhanced sensitivity to genotoxic stress.

  6. Loss of RanBPM expression may play an important role in gastric cancer tumor development and metastasis. Reduced RanBPM expression is also associated with chemoresistance of gastric cancer cells.

  7. RanBP9 is positively expressed in bone tumor tissues and cell strains.

  8. RanBPM was found to enhance Zta-dependent transcriptional activity via the inhibition of Zta sumoylation.

  9. association analyses between RANBP9 variants and the risk of schizophrenia were conducted, however no significant association was identified.

  10. RanBP9 relocates APP (show APP Proteins) intracellular domain to Tip60 (show KAT5 Proteins)-enriched nuclear speckles and prevented the formation of nuclear spots formation; results place RanBP9 as an important player in the multiple steps of AbetaPP signaling

RANBP9 Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes a protein that binds RAN, a small GTP binding protein belonging to the RAS superfamily that is essential for the translocation of RNA and proteins through the nuclear pore complex. The protein encoded by this gene has also been shown to interact with several other proteins, including met proto-oncogene, homeodomain interacting protein kinase 2, androgen receptor, and cyclin-dependent kinase 11.

Gene names and symbols associated with RAN Binding Protein 9 Proteins (RANBP9)

  • RAN binding protein 9 (Ranbp9)
  • importin 7 (Ipo7)
  • CG5252 gene product from transcript CG5252-RA (Ranbp9)
  • RAN binding protein 9 (RANBP9)
  • RAN binding protein 9 (ranbp9)
  • ran binding protein 9 (ranbp9)
  • RAN binding protein 9 (ranbp9-a)
  • A330055O14Rik protein
  • BPM-L protein
  • BPM90 protein
  • C330016G14 protein
  • cb457 protein
  • CG5252 protein
  • Dmel\\CG5252 protein
  • IBAP-1 protein
  • Ibap1 protein
  • Imp7 protein
  • RanBP7 protein
  • ranbp9 protein
  • ranbp9a protein
  • ranbp10 protein
  • RANBPM protein
  • RGD1561940 protein
  • zgc:158650 protein

Protein level used designations for RAN Binding Protein 9 Proteins (RANBP9)

ran-binding protein 9 , ran-binding protein M , RAN binding protein 7 , importin-7 , ran-binding protein 7 , CG5252-PA , Ranbp9-PA , RAN binding protein 9 , RAN binding protein 10 , ran-binding protein 10 , ran binding protein 9 , Ran Binding Protein in the Microtubule organizing center , novel centrosomal protein RanBPM , ran binding protein, centrosomal , B cell antigen receptor Ig beta associated protein 1 , B-cell antigen receptor Ig beta-associated protein 1 , RAN binding protein 9 a

364686 Rattus norvegicus
233726 Mus musculus
41367 Drosophila melanogaster
420836 Gallus gallus
462444 Pan troglodytes
614026 Bos taurus
733762 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100065036 Equus caballus
100084545 Ornithorhynchus anatinus
100339397 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100529168 Oryzias latipes
100548235 Meleagris gallopavo
100583822 Nomascus leucogenys
478728 Canis lupus familiaris
10048 Homo sapiens
56705 Mus musculus
100153339 Sus scrofa
558976 Danio rerio
779045 Xenopus laevis
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