RNA Binding Protein, Fox-1 Homolog (C. Elegans) 3 Proteins (RBFOX3)

RNA-binding protein that regulates alternative splicing events (By similarity).. Additionally we are shipping NEUN Antibodies (95) and many more products for this protein.

list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
RBFOX3 146713 A6NFN3
RBFOX3 52897 Q8BIF2
Rat RBFOX3 RBFOX3 287847  
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Mouse (Murine)

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Human RNA Binding Protein, Fox-1 Homolog (C. Elegans) 3 (RBFOX3) interaction partners

  1. SNPs (rs9900428, rs9907432 and rs7211029) in RBFOX3 associate with sleep latency.

  2. this study show that TGF-beta (show TGFB1 Proteins)-induced RBFOX3 inhibition plays an important role in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and lung cancer progression

  3. NeuN was recently eventually identified as an epitope of Rbfox3. NeuN is highly conserved among species and is stably expressed during specific stages of development. NeuN has been considered to be a reliable marker of mature neurons, however, this role has been challenged by recent studies indicating that NeuN staining is variable and even absent during certain diseases and states. Review.

  4. RBFOX proteins can facilitate the splicing of micro-exons. We also found that PTBP1 (show PTBP1 Proteins) likely regulates the inclusion of micro-exons, possibly by repressing the inclusion of micro-exons that are enhanced by RBFOX proteins and other splicing factors.[RBFOX]

  5. RNA splicing occurs in the nucleus hence, the altered localization of RbFox3 to the cytoplasm may lead to the downregulation of neuronal gene expression.

  6. Exome sequencing of 242 rolandic epilepsy patients revealed two novel probably deleterious variants in RBFOX1 (show A2BP1 Proteins), a frameshift mutation (p.A233Vfs*74) and a hexanucleotide deletion (p.A299_A300del), and a novel nonsense mutation in RBFOX3 (p.Y287*).

  7. High NeuN levels are associated with supratentorial ependymomas.

  8. NeuN immunocytochemical reaction in neurons of human substantia nigra was expressed much weaker than in the nucleus rubrum neurons located in the same sections.

  9. In addition, eight genes classified as 'second tier' hits in the original study (PAX7 (show PAX7 Proteins), THADA, COL8A1 (show COL8A1 Proteins)/FILIP1L, DCAF4L2, GADD45G (show GADD45G Proteins), NTN1 (show NTN1 Proteins), RBFOX3 and FOXE1 (show FOXE1 Proteins)) showed evidence of linkage and association in this replication sample.

  10. NeuN (neuronal nuclei) is a neuron-specific nuclear protein identified by anti-NeuN antibody, and widely used as the postmitotic neuron marker. NeuN is identified as the Fox-3 gene product by mass spectrometry, immunoblotting, RNAi, and immunostaining.

Mouse (Murine) RNA Binding Protein, Fox-1 Homolog (C. Elegans) 3 (RBFOX3) interaction partners

  1. Results demonstrate the important role of RBFOX3 during neural development and maturation and show that abnormalities in synaptic structure and function occur in Rbfox3 homozygous knockout mice. These findings may offer mechanistic explanations for human brain diseases associated with dysfunctional RBFOX3.

  2. RBFOX3/NeuN is Required for Hippocampal Circuit Balance and Function.

  3. In vitro analyses revealed that Rbfox3 functions as a positive and a negative regulator at the stage of pri-miRNA processing to precursor miRNA (pre-miRNA).

  4. Rbfox3-dependent Numb (show NUMB Proteins) alternative splicing plays an important role in the progression of neuronal differentiation during vertebrate development.

  5. the negative regulation of Rbfox2 (show RBM9 Proteins) by Rbfox3 through a novel mechanism

  6. During the development of olfactory bulb and epithelium, NeuN is expressed only in mature neural cells migrating from margin area to the inner granule cells layer of olfactory bulb.

  7. NeuN is the Fox-3 gene product and its expression is restricted to neural tissues.

  8. Enzymatic dephosphorylation abolishes NeuN immunoreactivity, confirming that NeuN is indeed a phosphoprotein, and establishing that binding of the defining antibody depends on its state of phosphorylation.

  9. Data show that inhibition of ZNF238 (RP58 (show ZNF238 Proteins)) expression in mouse GNPs decreases the expression of the neuronal differentiation markers MAP2 and NeuN and downregulates the expression of the cell cycle arrest protein p27 (show CDKN1B Proteins), a regulator of GNP differentiation.

NEUN (RBFOX3) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

RNA-binding protein that regulates alternative splicing events (By similarity).

Gene names and symbols associated with RBFOX3

  • RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog (C. elegans) 3 (RBFOX3)
  • RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog (C. elegans) 3 (Rbfox3)
  • Fox-3 protein
  • FOX3 protein
  • Hrnbp3 protein
  • Neun protein
  • Neuna60 protein
  • RGD1560070 protein

Protein level used designations for RBFOX3

RNA binding protein fox-1 homolog 3 , fox-1 homolog C , hexaribonucleotide binding protein 3 , neuronal nuclei , neuronal nuclear antigen A60 , RNA binding protein, fox-1 homolog 3

146713 Homo sapiens
52897 Mus musculus
511773 Bos taurus
287847 Rattus norvegicus
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