Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 (RBBP7) ELISA Kits

This protein is a ubiquitously expressed nuclear protein and belongs to a highly conserved subfamily of WD-repeat proteins. Additionally we are shipping Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 Antibodies (84) and Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 Proteins (15) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human RBBP7 RBBP7 5931 Q16576
Anti-Rat RBBP7 RBBP7 83712 Q71UF4
Anti-Mouse RBBP7 RBBP7 245688 Q60973
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More ELISA Kits for Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 Interaction Partners

Human Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 (RBBP7) interaction partners

  1. AMPK phosphorylates DNMT1, RBBP7, and HAT1 and increases interactions of DNMT1, RBBP7, and HAT1.

  2. Taken together with previous findings this suggests, that MTA (show DNMT1 ELISA Kits)-RBBP is a stable complex, with a central role in the initial assembly of the human NuRD complex.

  3. NKX6.1 (show NKX6-1 ELISA Kits) directly enhances the mRNA level of E-cadherin (show CDH1 ELISA Kits) by recruiting BAF155 (show SMARCC1 ELISA Kits) coactivator and represses that of vimentin (show VIM ELISA Kits) and N-cadherin (show CDH2 ELISA Kits) by recruiting RBBP7 (retinoblastoma binding protein 7) corepressor.

  4. Results show a novel interaction of the Lsm4 (show LSM4 ELISA Kits) RGG domain with HAT1 (show HAT1 ELISA Kits) and RBBP7, leading to the possibility of a posttranslational modifications network involved in mRNP regulation.

  5. The MTA1 (show MTA1 ELISA Kits) subunit of the nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase complex can recruit two copies of RBBP4 (show RBBP4 ELISA Kits)/RBBP7.

  6. the CRL4 complex containing RBBP7 (CRL4(RBBP7)) might regulate mitosis by promoting ubiquitin-dependent loading of newly synthesized CENP-A (show CENPA ELISA Kits) during the G1 phase of the cell cycle.

  7. Ras induced RbAp46 expression increases invasion of bladder cancer cells.

  8. Both of RbAp46 mRNA and protein levels were upregulated significantly in NSCLC cancer tissues. Serum levels of RbAp46 were markedly higher in NSCLC patients than in healthy controls.

  9. RbAp46 expression suppresses the transformed phenotypes of breast cancer cells, and dysregulation of RbAp46 expression may contribute to breast cancer tumorigenesis.

  10. RbAp46 inhibits cell growth and suppresses the transformed phenotypes of tumor cell lines.

Mouse (Murine) Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 (RBBP7) interaction partners

  1. The results collectively suggest that Rbbp7 is a potentially functional player regulating normal histone acetylation modification and cyclin D3 (show CCND3 ELISA Kits) expression in stromal cells during postimplantation decidual development.

  2. RBBP7 as a novel regulator of histone deacetylation during oocyte maturation and provide evidence that such deacetylation is required for proper chromosome segregation by regulating the localized chromosomal passenger complex function.

  3. PRC2 complex that includes mPINC and RbAp46 may provide the epigenetic modifications that maintain a progenitor population of mammary epithelial cells committed to an alveolar fate in the pregnant and involuted gland.

  4. Characterization of the gene encoding mouse retinoblastoma binding protein-7

Zebrafish Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 (RBBP7) interaction partners

  1. Rbb4l acts as an enhancer of Nodal/Smad2/3 signaling during embryogene-sis, and depends on the existence of Nodal signaling

  2. CAF-1 (show CNOT7 ELISA Kits) activity is essential for differentiation in several organs, including the retina, optic tectum, pectoral fins, and head skeleton

Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 7 (RBBP7) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This protein is a ubiquitously expressed nuclear protein and belongs to a highly conserved subfamily of WD-repeat proteins. It is found among several proteins that binds directly to retinoblastoma protein, which regulates cell proliferation. The encoded protein is found in many histone deacetylase complexes, including mSin3 co-repressor complex. It is also present in protein complexes involved in chromatin assembly. This protein can interact with BRCA1 tumor-suppressor gene and may have a role in the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with RBBP7

  • RB binding protein 7, chromatin remodeling factor (RBBP7) antibody
  • RB binding protein 7, chromatin remodeling factor (Rbbp7) antibody
  • retinoblastoma binding protein 7, chromatin remodeling factor (Rbbp7) antibody
  • retinoblastoma binding protein 7 L homeolog (rbbp7.L) antibody
  • retinoblastoma binding protein 7 (rbbp7) antibody
  • retinoblastoma binding protein 4, like (rbb4l) antibody
  • histone-binding protein RBBP7 (LOC108708306) antibody
  • Hat2p (HAT2) antibody
  • AA409861 antibody
  • AI173248 antibody
  • AU019541 antibody
  • BB114024 antibody
  • Caf1 antibody
  • CaO19.2146 antibody
  • mRbAp46 antibody
  • rbap46 antibody
  • RBBP-7 antibody
  • rbbp7 antibody
  • wu:fa13g08 antibody
  • wu:fb50h10 antibody
  • wu:fc29d09 antibody
  • zgc:56477 antibody
  • zgc:85617 antibody

Protein level used designations for RBBP7

G1/S transition control protein-binding protein RbAp46 , RBBP-7 , histone acetyltransferase type B subunit 2 , histone-binding protein RBBP7 , nucleosome-remodeling factor subunit RBAP46 , retinoblastoma-binding protein 7 , retinoblastoma-binding protein RbAp46 , retinoblastoma-binding protein p46 , G1/S transition control protein-binding protein , Rbap46 polypeptide , retinoblastoma binding protein 7 , histone-binding protein RBBP7-like , Retinoblastoma-binding protein 7 , Nucleosome-remodeling factor subunit RBAP46

5931 Homo sapiens
83712 Rattus norvegicus
245688 Mus musculus
380056 Xenopus laevis
394900 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
395390 Gallus gallus
480854 Canis lupus familiaris
537402 Bos taurus
713843 Macaca mulatta
100229904 Taeniopygia guttata
100352868 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100414385 Callithrix jacchus
100439948 Pongo abelii
100607103 Nomascus leucogenys
322129 Danio rerio
100716690 Cavia porcellus
108708306 Xenopus laevis
101926122 Macaca fascicularis
3645973 Candida albicans SC5314
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