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Ring Finger Protein 43 (RNF43) ELISA Kits

RNF43 is a HAP95 (AKAP8L\; MIM 609475) binding ubiquitin ligase that promotes cell growth and is upregulated in colon cancer (Yagyu et al., 2004 [PubMed 15492824]\; Sugiura et al., 2008 [PubMed 18313049]).[supplied by OMIM, Dec 2008].. Additionally we are shipping RNF43 Antibodies (26) and RNF43 Proteins (8) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human RNF43 RNF43 54894 Q68DV7
Anti-Mouse RNF43 RNF43 207742 Q5NCP0
Anti-Rat RNF43 RNF43 303412  
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More ELISA Kits for RNF43 Interaction Partners

Human Ring Finger Protein 43 (RNF43) interaction partners

  1. PTPRK (show PTPRK ELISA Kits)-RSPO3 (show RSPO3 ELISA Kits) fusions and RNF43 mutations were found to be characteristic genetic features of traditional serrated adenomas (TSAs).

  2. our study exhibited the expression patterns and correlation of RNF43 and p53 (show TP53 ELISA Kits) pathway proteins involved in cell cycling

  3. Authors also identified ring finger (show PCGF1 ELISA Kits) 43 (RNF43), an inhibitor of Wnt (show WNT2 ELISA Kits)/beta-catenin (show CTNNB1 ELISA Kits) signaling, as a target of miR (show MLXIP ELISA Kits)-550a-5p.

  4. RNF43 inhibits the Wnt (show WNT2 ELISA Kits) pathway downstream of oncogenic mutations that activate the pathway.

  5. RNF43 might act as a tumor suppressor in gastric carcinoma and might be a potential indicator for the clinical assessment of gastric cancer prognosis

  6. RNF43 gene harbored not only exceedingly high mutations but also mutational intratumoral heterogeneity, which together might play a role in tumorigenesis of gastric and colorectal cancers.

  7. The nucleoprotein of influenza A virus targets RNF43 to modulate p53 (show TP53 ELISA Kits) ubiquitination levels and hence causes p53 (show TP53 ELISA Kits) stabilization which is conducive to an enhanced apoptosis level in the host cells.

  8. we found that the decreased expression of RNF43 in glioma was associated with poor prognosis by the Kaplan-Meier survival analysis. Importantly, multivariate analysis suggested RN43 as an independent predictor of overall survival.

  9. These results indicate that RNF43 mutation might cause downregulation of the expression of ring finger protein 43 and play a crucial role during development of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas.

  10. Data indicate Dishevelled (DVL (show DVL2 ELISA Kits)) as a dual function adaptor to recruit negative regulators ZNRF3/RNF43 to Wnt (show WNT2 ELISA Kits) receptors to ensure proper control of pathway activity.

Mouse (Murine) Ring Finger Protein 43 (RNF43) interaction partners

  1. RSPO (show RSPO1 ELISA Kits)-LGR4 (show LGR4 ELISA Kits)/5-ZNRF3/RNF43 module controls metabolic liver zonation and is a hepatic growth/size rheostat during development, homeostasis and regeneration.

  2. RNF43 and ZNRF3 reduce Wnt (show WNT2 ELISA Kits) signals by selectively ubiquitinating frizzled receptors, thereby targeting these Wnt (show WNT2 ELISA Kits) receptors for degradation

RNF43 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

RNF43 is a HAP95 (AKAP8L\; MIM 609475) binding ubiquitin ligase that promotes cell growth and is upregulated in colon cancer (Yagyu et al., 2004

Gene names and symbols associated with RNF43

  • ring finger protein 43 (RNF43) antibody
  • ring finger protein 43 (Rnf43) antibody
  • 4732452J19Rik antibody
  • RGD1305204 antibody
  • RNF124 antibody
  • URCC antibody

Protein level used designations for RNF43

E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF43 , RING finger protein 43

100057001 Equus caballus
54894 Homo sapiens
491114 Canis lupus familiaris
784035 Bos taurus
207742 Mus musculus
303412 Rattus norvegicus
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