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anti-Variable ABnormal Morphology Family Member (Vab-1) (VAB-1) Antibodies

Receptor for members of the ephrin family.

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More Antibodies against Variable ABnormal Morphology Family Member (Vab-1) Interaction Partners

Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) Variable ABnormal Morphology Family Member (Vab-1) (VAB-1) interaction partners

  1. Overall locomotion speed increased with increasing nicotine concentration in all tested mutant strains except in the vab-1 mutants

  2. Analysis of EFN-1(VAB2) expression and tissue-specific requirements is consistent with a model in which VAB-1 acts in amphid neurons, interacting with EFN-1 expressed on surrounding cells.

  3. VAB-1/Eph RTK can stop axonal outgrowth by inhibiting filopodia formation at the growth cone by activating Arp2/3 through a VAB-1/NCK-1/WSP-1 complex and by inhibiting UNC-34/Ena activity

  4. The germline apoptosis function of VAB-1 impacts specific cell death pathways, and may act in parallel to extracellular signal-regulated kinase MAPK (show MAPK1 Antibodies) signaling.

  5. Bridge formation requires VAB-1 kinase-dependent extension of presumptive bridge cells over scaffold cells toward the ventral midline (show PGRMC1 Antibodies) during body wall closure

  6. identified the VAB-1 Eph (show EPHA1 Antibodies) receptor protein-tyrosine kinase (show FLT4 Antibodies) as a major sperm protein receptor

  7. Data show that SAX-3 (show ROBO2 Antibodies)/Robo functions with the VAB-1 Eph (show EPHA1 Antibodies) receptor for gastrulation cleft closure and ventral epidermal enclosure.

  8. VAB-1 switches from a negative regulator into a redundant positive regulator of oocyte maturation upon binding to MSP (show MST1 Antibodies). NMR-1 mediates this switch by controlling UNC-43 CaMKII (show CAMK2G Antibodies) activation at the oocyte cortex.

  9. VAB-1 Eph RTK is required for targeting or limiting axons and neuronal cells to specific regions, perhaps by transducing a repellent or stop cue.

  10. This study shows that mutations in ina-1 (alpha-integrin), as well as vab-1 (Eph receptor), and vab-2 (ephrin), display defects in embryonic muscle cell migration.

Variable ABnormal Morphology Family Member (Vab-1) (VAB-1) Antigen Profile

Protein Summary

Receptor for members of the ephrin family. Involved in interactions between neuronal substrate cells and a migrating epithelial sheet in head epidermis morphogenesis. Also required for cell movements following gastrulation and during ventral closure of the epidermis.

Gene names and symbols associated with VAB-1

  • Protein VAB-1 (vab-1) antibody
173794 Caenorhabditis elegans
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