tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase 2, Mitochondrial (YARS2) ELISA Kits

YARS2 encodes a mitochondrial protein that catalyzes the attachment of tyrosine to tRNA(Tyr). Additionally we are shipping tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase 2, Mitochondrial Antibodies (32) and tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase 2, Mitochondrial Proteins (5) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Mouse YARS2 YARS2 70120 Q8BYL4
Anti-Rat YARS2 YARS2 287924 Q5I0L3
Anti-Human YARS2 YARS2 51067 Q9Y2Z4
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Human tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase 2, Mitochondrial (YARS2) interaction partners

  1. The p.Leu392Ser variant is likely a newly identified founder YARS2 mutation in mitochondrial myopathy.

  2. The mutation in YARS2 gene is a nuclear modifier for the phenotypic manifestation of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy-associated mitochondrial DNA mutation.

  3. Data identified novel YARS2 mutations and noted marked phenotypic variability among YARS2 MLASA patients, with phenotypes ranging from mild to lethal, suggesting that the background mtDNA haplotype may be contributing to the phenotypic variability.

  4. The study confirms mutations in YARS2 as a cause of MLASA and shows that, like some of the cytoplasmic ARSs, mitochondrial ARSs occur in high-molecular-weight complexes.

  5. first example of a TyrRS (show Yars ELISA Kits) lacking specificity toward N1-N72 and thus of a TyrRS (show Yars ELISA Kits) disobeying the identity rules

  6. The YARS2 mutation reported here is an alternative cause of MLASA.

  7. The gene for mitochondrial tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase (show Yars ELISA Kits) is described and the initial characterization of the enzyme is reported. Genes for the remaining missing synthetases have also been found with the exception of human glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase (show EPRS ELISA Kits).

  8. the structure of a strictly mitochondrial human synthetase, namely tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase (mt-TyrRS), in complex with an adenylate analog at 2.2 A resolution

tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase 2, Mitochondrial (YARS2) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a mitochondrial protein that catalyzes the attachment of tyrosine to tRNA(Tyr). Mutations in this gene are associated with myopathy with lactic acidosis and sideroblastic anemia type 2 (MLASA2).

Gene names and symbols associated with YARS2

  • tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase 2 (mitochondrial) (Yars2) antibody
  • tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase 2 (Yars2) antibody
  • tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase 2 (YARS2) antibody
  • 2210023C10Rik antibody
  • CGI-04 antibody
  • MLASA2 antibody
  • MT-TYRRS antibody
  • RGD1311696 antibody
  • TYRRS antibody

Protein level used designations for YARS2

tyrosine--tRNA ligase, mitochondrial , tyrRS , tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase, mitochondrial , tyrosine tRNA ligase 2, mitochondrial

70120 Mus musculus
287924 Rattus norvegicus
51067 Homo sapiens
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