anti-CD20 antibody (Membrane-Spanning 4-Domains, Subfamily A, Member 1) (C-Term)

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This CD20 antibody is un-conjugated
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Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin-embedded Sections) (IHC (p))
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Immunogen Synthetic peptide derived from C-terminus of human CD20 protein.
Specificity This antibody reacts with a 33 kD protein located on most human B lymphocytes. It stains B lymphocytes in the germinal centers and mantle zones of tonsil. This antibody can be used for the typing of malignant lymphomas and other lymphoproliferative disorders. Cellular Localization: Cell membrane.
Purification Purified
Alternative Name CD20 (MS4A1 Antibody Abstract)
Background CD20 is a non glycosylated protein with a molecular weight of 35 or 37 kDa depending on the degree of phosphorylation. Although not a member of the tetraspanin superfamily of cell surface receptors, it crosses the cell membrane four times. The CD20 antigen is present on human pre B lymphocytes and on B lymphocytes at all stages of maturation, except on plasma cells. Low level expression of the CD20 antigen has been detected on normal T lymphocytes. The CD20 molecule is involved in regulation of B cell differentiation, presumably via its reported function as a Ca++ channel subunit
Alternate names: B-cell marker, B-lymphocyte antigen CD20, B-lymphocyte surface antigen B1, Bp35, Leu-16, MS4A1, Membrane-spanning 4-domains subfamily A member 1
Gene ID 931
NCBI Accession NP_068769
UniProt P11836
Research Area Cancer, Hematopoietic Progenitors, Hematopoietic Stem Cells, Adaptive Immunity, CD Antigens, Surface Receptors of Immune Cells
Application Notes Immunohistochemistry on Formalin/Paraffin Tissues: Use a dilution of 1/25-1/50 in an ABCmethod (30 minutes at room temperature). Recommended positive control: Tonsil. Other applications not tested. Optimal dilutions are dependent on conditions and should be determined by the user.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Handling Advice Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Storage 4 °C/-20 °C
Storage Comment Store the antibody undiluted at 2-8°C for one month or (in aliquots) at -20°C for longer.
Expiry Date 12 months
Supplier Images
anti-Membrane-Spanning 4-Domains, Subfamily A, Member 1 (MS4A1) (C-Term) antibody Formalin fixed paraffin embedded human tonsil stained with CD20 antibody ABIN115350
General Koff, Cross, Fisher et al.: "Human cyclin E, a new cyclin that interacts with two members of the CDC2 gene family." in: Cell, Vol. 66, Issue 6, pp. 1217-28, 1991 (PubMed).

Lew, Duli?, Reed: "Isolation of three novel human cyclins by rescue of G1 cyclin (Cln) function in yeast." in: Cell, Vol. 66, Issue 6, pp. 1197-206, 1991 (PubMed).

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