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Details for Product No. ABIN145954

Actin, beta (ACTB) antibody

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ACTA1, A, ACT5C, Ac5C, Act, Act-5C, Act5, Act5c, Actin, Actin/BAP47, Actin5C, BAP47, Bap47, CG4027, Dmel\\CG4027, M32055, T11, act, act 5C, act5C, actin, actin5C, anon-EST:fe2D2, beta-actin, beta-acti ... show more
»Alternatives Carp, Goldfish, Cow (Bovine), Dog (Canine), Chicken, Cat (Feline), Guinea Pig, Human, Leech, Mouse (Murine), Pig (Porcine), Rabbit, Rat (Rattus), Sheep (Ovine)
»Alternatives Mouse
Clonality (Clone) Monoclonal ()
»Alternatives Un-conjugated
»Alternatives Immunohistochemistry (Frozen Sections) (IHC (fro)), Dot Blot (DB), ELISA, Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Immunofluorescence (IF), Western Blotting (WB), Immunoelectron Microscopy (IEM), Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin-embedded Sections) (IHC (p))
Pubmed 15 references available
Catalog no. ABIN145954
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Immunogen Synthetic peptide: DDDIAALVIDNGSGL conjugated to KLH, corresponding to amino acids 1-14 of Xenopus laevis Actin (beta).
Clone AC-15
Isotype IgG1
Specificity We no longer recommend this antibody for use as a loading control, we instead recommend GTX28226 as an alternative. GTX28226 has been produced specifically for use as a loading control.
Alternative Name Actin beta / ACTB
Background Beta actin is one of six different actin isoforms which have been identified. Actins are highly conserved proteins that are involved in cell motility, structure and integrity.
Application Notes AF: Use at an assay dependant dilution. Dot: Use at an assay dependant dilution. EC: Use at an assay dependant dilution. IHC-F: Use at an assay dependant dilution. ICC: Use at a dilution of 1/1000. IF: Use at an assay dependant dilution. IHC-P: Use at an assay dependant dilution. The epitope recognised by the antibody is resistant to formalin fixation and paraffin embedding. B5, methacarn, ethanol or Bouins solutions may also be used as fixatives. IHC-Fr: Use at an assay dependant dilution. IM: Use at an assay dependant dilution. I-ELISA: Use at an assay dependant dilution. WB: Use at a dilution of 1/1000-1/5000 Not tested in other applications. Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Concentration 2 mg/ml
Buffer Ascitic fluid with 15mM sodium azide
Preservative Sodium azide
Storage 4 °C
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