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Details for Product No. ABIN152483

Peripherin (PRPH) antibody

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Synonyms NEF4, PRPH1, Prph1, Perf, nef4, prph1, MGC69454
»Alternatives Human, Mammalian, Mouse (Murine), Rat (Rattus)
»Alternatives Rabbit
Clonality Polyclonal
»Alternatives Un-conjugated
»Alternatives ELISA, Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Immunofluorescence (IF), Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin-embedded Sections) (IHC (p)), Western Blotting (WB)
Pubmed 2 references available
Catalog no. ABIN152483
Quantity 0.1 mL
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Immunogen Recombinant full length rat peripherin.
Specificity Specifically recognizes peripherin, showing no cross reactivity with other Class IIIintermediate filament proteins. Species Reactivity: Human and all other mammalian species to date. Results on avian tissues are howevernot conclusive. Localization: Neuronal Marker.
Cross-Reactivity Mammalian
Purification Serum
Alternative Name Peripherin
Background Peripherin is a Class III intermediate filament subunit found in both the peripheral andcentral nervous systems, though it is concentrated, as its name suggests, in the neuronsof peripheral ganglia and their processes. Antibodies to peripherin can be used inidentifying, classifying, and studying neurons in the nervous system. Peripherin is alsoa good diagnostic marker for ballooned axons seen in Lou Gehrig's disease and someneuronally derived tumors. Peripherin is also a major component of the cytoskeleton ofPC12 cells, widely used model system for studies of neuronal differentiation.Autoantibodies to peripherin are frequently seen in the sera of patients with diabetes.Peripherin is not related to peripherin-RDS, a photoreceptor protein associated withretinal degeneration and blindness. Alternate Names: anti-NEF4 antibody, anti-neurofilament 4 antibody, anti-Peripherin Variant 61 antibody. Related Diseases: ALS, Diabetes
Gene ID 5630
Research Area Neurology, Cytoskeleton
Application Notes immunofluorescence 1:1000,Western Blot 1:5000
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Buffer 0.05 ml of crude rabbit antisera. Contains no preservative.
Preservative Without preservative
Storage 4 °C
Arvanian, Bowers, Petruska et al.: "Viral delivery of NR2D subunits reduces Mg2+ block of NMDA receptor and restores NT-3-induced potentiation of AMPA-kainate responses in maturing rat motoneurons." in: Journal of neurophysiology, Vol. 92, Issue 4, pp. 2394-404, 2004 (PubMed).

Burgess, Jucius, Ackerman: "Motor axon guidance of the mammalian trochlear and phrenic nerves: dependence on the netrin receptor Unc5c and modifier loci." in: The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, Vol. 26, Issue 21, pp. 5756-66, 2006 (PubMed).

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