Interleukin 32 (IL32) (C-Term) antibody

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Western Blotting (WB)
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Quantity 100 μg
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Immunogen Synthetic peptide corresponding to 15 AA near the carboxy terminus of human IL-32 (Genbank accession No. AAH09401)
Specificity Reacts with human and mouse IL-32. Detects all isoforms of IL-32.
Characteristics Rabbit anti IL-32, C-term., Rabbit antibody to Human Interleukin 32 (IL-32), C-terminal
Purification Immuno Affinity Chromatography
Alternative Name Interleukin 32 (IL-32) (IL32 Antibody Abstract)
Application Notes Suitable for use in Western blot (5-10 µg/mL). Each laboratory should determine an optimum working titer for use in its particular application. Other applications have not been tested but use in such assays should not necessarily be excluded.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Buffer PBS, 0.02 % Sodium azide
Preservative Sodium azide
Precaution of Use This product contains sodium azide: a POISONOUS AND HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE which should be handled by trained staff only.
Storage 4 °C
Storage Comment Store (up to one year) at 2-8 °C.
Expiry Date 12 months
General Cagnard, Letourneur, Essabbani et al.: "Interleukin-32, CCL2, PF4F1 and GFD10 are the only cytokine/chemokine genes differentially expressed by in vitro cultured rheumatoid and osteoarthritis fibroblast-like synoviocytes." in: European cytokine network, Vol. 16, Issue 4, pp. 289-92, 2006 (PubMed).

Kim, Han, Azam et al.: "Interleukin-32: a cytokine and inducer of TNFalpha." in: Immunity, Vol. 22, Issue 1, pp. 131-42, 2005 (PubMed).

Dahl, Schall, He et al.: "Identification of a novel gene expressed in activated natural killer cells and T cells." in: Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), Vol. 148, Issue 2, pp. 597-603, 1992 (PubMed).