Zinc Metalloproteinase, Ste24 (Zmpste24) antibody

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Synonyms FACE-1, FACE1, HGPS, PRO1, STE24, Ste24p, MADB, Face-1, D030046F19, A530043O15Rik, fi45a02, zgc:55655, wu:fi45a02, F2N1.21, F2N1_21, DDBDRAFT_0189115, DDBDRAFT_0237846, DDB_0189115, DDB_0237846
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Catalog no. ABIN250782
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Immunogen A synthetic peptide made to an N-terminal portion of the human ZMPSTE24 proteinsequence (between residues 1-100). [Swiss-Prot O75844].
Specificity This antibody is specific for ZMPSTE24. Species Reactivity: Reacts with human, mouse and zebrafish. Localization: Integral membrane, primarily ER.
Alternative Name ZMPSTE24
Background ZMPSTE24 is a zinc metalloprotease involved in the post-translational processing ofLMNA precursors. Mutations in ZMPSTE24 have been associated with human diseases,often due to the accumulation of LMNA precursors. It is possible that ZMPSTE24, due toits association with LMNA, plays some role in human ageing. Alternate Names: anti-ZMPSTE24 antibody, anti-zinc metallopeptidase (STE24 homolog antibody,anti-yeast antibody, anti-FACE-1 antibody, anti-FACE1 antibody, anti-FLJ14968antibody, anti-MADB antibody, anti-STE24 antibody, anti-Ste24p antibody, anti-CAAXprenyl protease antibody, anti-farnesylated-proteins converting enzyme 1 antibody,anti-prenyl protein-specific endoprotease 1 antibody, anti-zinc metalloproteinase (STE24homolog antibody, anti-yeast) antibody, anti-zinc metalloproteinase STE24 homologantibody, anti-zinc metalloproteinase antibody, anti-STE24 (yeast antibody,anti-homolog) antibody.
Gene ID 10269, 230709
UniProt O75844
Research Area Proteolysis / Ubiquitin, Cytoskeleton
Application Notes Suggested working dilutions: Western Blot 2 ug/ml (ECL). Positive Controls: Human or mouse testis lysate
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Concentration 1.0 mg/ml
Buffer Tris-glycine, 150mM NaCl. Preservative: 0.05% sodium azide.
Preservative Sodium azide
Storage -20 °C
Supplier Images
anti-Zinc Metalloproteinase, Ste24 (Zmpste24) antibody Detection of ZMPSTE24 in human testis using ABIN250782.
General Corrigan, Kuszczak, Rusinol et al.: "Prelamin A endoproteolytic processing in vitro by recombinant Zmpste24." in: The Biochemical journal, Vol. 387, Issue Pt 1, pp. 129-38, 2005 (PubMed).

Young, Fong, Michaelis: "Prelamin A, Zmpste24, misshapen cell nuclei, and progeria--new evidence suggesting that protein farnesylation could be important for disease pathogenesis." in: Journal of lipid research, Vol. 46, Issue 12, pp. 2531-58, 2005 (PubMed).

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