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Hemochromatosis (HFE) (AA 115-206) antibody

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Synonyms HFE1, HH, HLA-H, MVCD7, TFQTL2, MR2
AA 115-206
(6), (5), (4), (3), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (1), (1), (1), (1)
(61), (19), (15), (1)
(51), (13)
Clonality (Clone)
Monoclonal ()
(1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1)
Immunofluorescence (IF), Western Blotting (WB)
(50), (22), (13), (12), (11), (6), (4), (4), (1), (1)
Pubmed 5 references available
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Immunogen HFE (NP_000401, 115 a.a. ~ 206 a.a) partial recombinant protein with GST tag. MW of the GST tag alone is 26 K
Clone 1G12
Isotype IgG1 kappa
Specificity HFE (NP_000401, 115 a.a. ~ 206 a.a) partial recombinant protein with GST tag. MW of the GST tag alone is 26 KDa.
Purification This antibody is purified through a protein G column, eluted with high and low pH buffers and neutralized immediately, followed by dialysis against PBS.
Alternative Name HFE (HFE Antibody Abstract)
Background Synonyms: Serine protease inhibitor J6, 47 kDa heat shock protein, Collagen-binding protein, Colligin, Serpin H1,Hsp47, Cbp1, Serpinh1
Molecular Weight 40108 DA
Gene ID 12406
NCBI Accession NP_000401
Research Area Cell Structure
Application Notes Western blot = 1:500-1000

Background: The protein encoded by this gene is a membrane protein that is similar to MHC class I-type proteins and associates with beta2-microglobulin (beta2M). It is thought that this protein functions to regulate iron absorption by regulating the interaction of the transferrin receptor with transferrin. The iron storage disorder, hereditary haemochromatosis, is a recessive genetic disorder that results from defects in this gene. At least nine alternatively spliced variants have been described for this gene. Additional variants have been found but their full-length nature has not been determined.

Restrictions For Research Use only
Buffer PBS with 0.09% (w/v) sodium azide.
Preservative Sodium azide
Precaution of Use This product contains sodium azide: a POISONOUS AND HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE which should be handled by trained staff only.
Storage 4 °C/-20 °C
Storage Comment Maintain refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 6 months. For long term storage store at -20°C in small aliquots to prevent freeze-thaw cycles
Expiry Date 6 months
Supplier Images
Western Blotting (WB) image for anti-Hemochromatosis (HFE) (AA 115-206) antibody (ABIN395159) Immunofluorescence of monoclonal antibody to HFE on HeLa cell (antibody concentration...
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) image for anti-Hemochromatosis (HFE) (AA 115-206) antibody (ABIN395159) anti-Hemochromatosis (HFE) (AA 115-206) antibody (Image 2)
Background publications Lehmann, Schuur, Warden et al.: "Transferrin and HFE genes interact in Alzheimer's disease risk: the Epistasis Project." in: Neurobiology of aging, Vol. 33, Issue 1, pp. 202.e1-13, 2011 (PubMed).

Phatak, Brissot, Wurster et al.: "A phase 1/2, dose-escalation trial of deferasirox for the treatment of iron overload in HFE-related hereditary hemochromatosis." in: Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), Vol. 52, Issue 5, pp. 1671-779, 2010 (PubMed).

Schiepers, van Boxtel, de Groot et al.: "Serum iron parameters, HFE C282Y genotype, and cognitive performance in older adults: results from the FACIT study." in: The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, Vol. 65, Issue 12, pp. 1312-21, 2010 (PubMed).

Neghina, Anghel: "Hemochromatosis genotypes and risk of iron overload--a meta-analysis." in: Annals of epidemiology, Vol. 21, Issue 1, pp. 1-14, 2010 (PubMed).

Valenti, Canavesi, Galmozzi et al.: "Beta-globin mutations are associated with parenchymal siderosis and fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease." in: Journal of hepatology, Vol. 53, Issue 5, pp. 927-33, 2010 (PubMed).

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