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Acyp2 antibody (Acylphosphatase 2, Muscle Type) (AA 1-99)

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  • 2310004B09Rik
  • AcPDro2
  • ACYM
  • acym
  • ACYP
  • acyp
  • Acyp2
  • ACYP2
  • CG18505
  • Dmel\\CG18505
  • Mif-ps1
AA 1-99
Clonality (Clone)
Monoclonal ()
Western Blotting (WB)
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Immunogen ACYP2 (NP_612457, 1 a.a. ~ 99 a.a) partial recombinant protein with GST tag. MW of the GST tag alone is 26 K
Clone 2H7
Isotype IgG1 kappa
Specificity ACYP2 (NP_612457, 1 a.a. ~ 99 a.a) partial recombinant protein with GST tag. MW of the GST tag alone is 26 KDa.
Purification This antibody is purified through a protein G column, eluted with high and low pH buffers and neutralized immediately, followed by dialysis against PBS.
Alternative Name ACYP2 (Acyp2 Antibody Abstract)
Background Synonyms: Serine protease inhibitor J6, 47 kDa heat shock protein, Collagen-binding protein, Colligin, Serpin H1,Hsp47, Cbp1, Serpinh1
Molecular Weight 11140 DA
Gene ID 12406
NCBI Accession NP_612457
Research Area Cell Structure
Application Notes Western blot = 1:500-1000

Background: Acylphosphatase can hydrolyze the phosphoenzyme intermediate of different membrane pumps, particularly the Ca2+/Mg2+-ATPase from sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle. Two isoenzymes have been isolated, called muscle acylphosphatase and erythrocyte acylphosphatase on the basis of their tissue localization. This gene encodes the muscle-type isoform (MT). An increase of the MT isoform is associated with muscle differentiation.

Restrictions For Research Use only
Buffer PBS with 0.09% (w/v) sodium azide.
Preservative Sodium azide
Precaution of Use This product contains sodium azide: a POISONOUS AND HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE which should be handled by trained staff only.
Storage 4 °C/-20 °C
Storage Comment Maintain refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 6 months. For long term storage store at -20°C in small aliquots to prevent freeze-thaw cycles
Expiry Date 6 months
Supplier Images
Western Blotting (WB) image for anti-Acyp2 antibody (Acylphosphatase 2, Muscle Type) (AA 1-99) (ABIN395739) Western blot analysis of ACYP2 over-expressed 293 cell line, cotransfected with ACYP2...
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) image for anti-Acyp2 antibody (Acylphosphatase 2, Muscle Type) (AA 1-99) (ABIN395739) anti-Acylphosphatase 2, Muscle Type (Acyp2) (AA 1-99) antibody (Image 2)
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