ECL substrate (Mark-It Glow liquid)

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Western Blotting (WB)
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Characteristics The Mark-It Glow product line represents a series of novel very sensitive two component substrates for the development of Western-Blots based on the enhanced luminol technique catalysed by horseradish peroxidase (HRP) conjugated antibodies/secondary reagents. Mark-It Glow is available as standard formulation Mark-It Glow Liquid, which is suitable for the development of any standard Western Blot with a sensitivity in the picomolar range. In addition, with the Mark-It Glow Ultra formulation we offer a second system with an extremely sensitive detection limit enabling the detection of even low abundant cellular proteins in the femtomolar region. Unlike other substrates, you don't have to mix Mark-It Glow. You simply position your blot on a plastic sheet and spray as much as you need from bottle 1 and then from bottle 2. Besides the ease of use the performance of the reagent is excellent. For users with very high consumption we also provide a maxi-pack of Mark-It Glow Liquid without sprayhead.
Components 100 mL Solution A + 100 mL Solution B in spray flasks (white PE)
Application Notes 200 mL are sufficient for 10.000 cm2 (ca. 100 mini-gels)
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Storage 4 °C
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Western Blotting (WB) image for ECL substrate (Mark-It Glow liquid) (ABIN457494) Western Blot developed with Mark-It Glow Liquid ECL substrate. Decreasing amounts of ...
 image for ECL substrate (Mark-It Glow liquid) (ABIN457494) ECL substrate Mark-It Glow Liquid is superior to its competitors on the market. Mark-...