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anti-phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated Antibodies (PDE2A)
On are 69 phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated (PDE2A) Antibodies from 17 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated Proteins (6) and phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated Kits (1) and many more products for this protein. A total of 82 phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated products are currently listed.
CGS-PDE, cGSPDE, Pde2, PDE2A, PDE2A1, Pde2a2, PED2A4
list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
PDE2A 5138 O00408
PDE2A 207728  
PDE2A 81743 Q01062

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Top referenced anti-phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated Antibodies

  1. Human Polyclonal PDE2A Primary Antibody for EIA, WB - ABIN493237 : Rascón, Soderling, Schaefer, Beavo: Cloning and characterization of a cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase (TbPDE2B) from Trypanosoma brucei. in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2002 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal PDE2A Primary Antibody for IP, WB - ABIN493235 : Sadhu, Hensley, Florio, Wolda: Differential expression of the cyclic GMP-stimulated phosphodiesterase PDE2A in human venous and capillary endothelial cells. in The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry : official journal of the Histochemistry Society 1999 (PubMed)
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  3. Human Polyclonal PDE2A Primary Antibody for ELISA - ABIN1999863 : Iffland, Kohls, Low, Luan, Zhang, Kothe, Cao, Kamath, Ding, Ellenberger: Structural determinants for inhibitor specificity and selectivity in PDE2A using the wheat germ in vitro translation system. in Biochemistry 2005 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Monoclonal PDE2A Primary Antibody for FACS, IHC - ABIN2454150 : Tanaka, Tanaka, Harada, Kohda, Matsumura, Shimamoto, Sawabe, Marunaka, Kuwabara, Takahashi, Ito, Nakahari: A PKG inhibitor increases Ca(2+)-regulated exocytosis in guinea pig antral mucous cells: cAMP accumulation via PDE2A inhibition. in American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology 2013 (PubMed)

  5. Human Polyclonal PDE2A Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN562142 : Bazhin, Kahnert, Kimpfler, Schadendorf, Umansky: Distinct metabolism of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in regulatory and helper CD4+ T cells. in Molecular immunology 2010 (PubMed)

More Antibodies against phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated Interaction Partners

Human phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated (PDE2A) interaction partners

  1. Lu AF33241 represents a novel PDE2A/PDE10A (show PDE10A Antibodies) inhibitor tool which can penetrate the blood brain barrier.

  2. curcumin exerts its in vitro anti-angiogenic and in vivo anti-tumour properties through combined PDE2 and PDE4 (show PDE4A Antibodies) inhibition

  3. PDE2A is involved in growth and invasion of human malignant melanoma PMP cells.

  4. This study reports the X-ray crystal structure of PDE2A in complex with a highly selective, nanomolar inhibitor (BAY60-7550) at 1.9 A resolution, and the structure of apo (show C9orf3 Antibodies) PDE2 at 2.0 A resolution.

  5. PDE2 overexpression in healthy cardiomyocytes reduces the rise in cyclic AMP (show APRT Antibodies) levels and L-type calcium current amplitude, and abolishes the inotropic effect following acute beta-adrenergic receptor stimulation.

  6. Our results demonstrated that the PDE2A2 variant carrying point mutations is expressed in PMP cells and may affect cell cycle progression by modulating cyclin A (show CCNA2 Antibodies) expression.

  7. the phosphodiesterase 2A isoform localized to mitochondria regulates respiration

  8. Inhibition of PDE2 resulted in higher levels of intracellular cAMP than inhibition of PDE3A (show PDE3A Antibodies) suggesting this PDE (show ALDH7A1 Antibodies) may be the more important regulator of cAMP in human platelets.

  9. TNF-alpha (show TNF Antibodies)-mediated up-regulation of PDE2 may destabilize endothelial barrier function in sepsis

  10. Phosphodiesterase 2 mediates redox-sensitive endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis by thrombin (show F2 Antibodies) via Rac1 and NADPH oxidase 2 (show CYBB Antibodies).

Mouse (Murine) phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated (PDE2A) interaction partners

  1. Cardiac hypertrophy is inhibited by a local pool of cAMP regulated by PDE2A.

  2. Effect of PDE2 inhibition on stress-induced memory impairment is potentially mediated via modulation of neuroplasticity-related NMDAR (show GRIN1 Antibodies)-CaMKII (show CAMK2G Antibodies)-cGMP/cAMP signaling.

  3. We conclude that increased AM PDE2A is an important negative regulator of macrophage iNOS (show NOS2 Antibodies) expression.

  4. results demonstrate strong presynaptic inhibition by natriuretic peptides in the brain and suggest important physiological and behavioral roles of PDE2A in modulating neurotransmitter release

  5. cGMP binding to PDE2 GAF-B activates the enzyme rapidly, stoichiometrically, and in an all or none fashion, rather than variably over a large range of cyclic nucleotide concentrations

  6. HV(T)-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction resulted from a simultaneous increase in NO/sGC (show NPR1 Antibodies)-derived cGMP and PDE2A expression causing decreased cAMP.

  7. Phosphodiesterase 2 mediates redox-sensitive endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis by thrombin (show F2 Antibodies) via Rac1 and NADPH oxidase 2 (show CYBB Antibodies).

phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated (PDE2A) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

activation induces decreased cAMP accumulation\; involved in nitric oxide mediated signaling in cardiac fibroblasts

Alternative names and synonyms associated with phosphodiesterase 2A, CGMP-Stimulated (PDE2A)

  • phosphodiesterase 2A, cGMP-stimulated (PDE2A) antibody
  • phosphodiesterase 2A, cGMP-stimulated (pde2a) antibody
  • phosphodiesterase 2A, cGMP-stimulated (Pde2a) antibody
  • CGS-PDE antibody
  • cGSPDE antibody
  • Pde2 antibody
  • PDE2A antibody
  • PDE2A1 antibody
  • Pde2a2 antibody
  • PED2A4 antibody

Protein level used designations for PDE2A

phosphodiesterase 2A, cGMP-stimulated , cGMP-dependent 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase , phosphodiesterase 2A , cGMP-dependent 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase-like , cGMP-stimulated phosphodiesterase 1 , cGMP-stimulated phosphodiesterase 4 , cyclic GMP-stimulated phosphodiesterase , CGS-PDE , cGSPDE , cyclic GMP stimulated phosphodiesterase , c-GMP stimulated phosphodiesterase

451405 Pan troglodytes
609574 Canis lupus familiaris
718479 Macaca mulatta
780063 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100014975 Monodelphis domestica
100052619 Equus caballus
100480274 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100587547 Nomascus leucogenys
5138 Homo sapiens
207728 Mus musculus
81743 Rattus norvegicus
281971 Bos taurus
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