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SH2B Adaptor Protein 2 ELISA Kits (SH2B2)
On are 0 SH2B Adaptor Protein 2 (SH2B2) ELISA Kits from different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping SH2B2 Antibodies (10) and SH2B2 Proteins (4) and many more products for this protein. A total of 14 SH2B2 products are currently listed.
list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Mouse SH2B2 SH2B2 23921 Q9JID9
Human SH2B2 SH2B2 10603 O14492
Rat SH2B2 SH2B2 114203 Q9Z200

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Cow (Bovine) SH2B Adaptor Protein 2 (SH2B2) interaction partners

  1. Association between variations in the SH2B2 gene and growth traits in Chinese cattle.

Mouse (Murine) SH2B Adaptor Protein 2 (SH2B2) interaction partners

  1. Deletion of liver SH2B1 (show SH2B1 ELISA Kits) in SH2B2 null mice attenuated very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) secretion.

  2. APS facilitates c-Cbl (show CBL ELISA Kits) tyrosine phosphorylation and GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 ELISA Kits) translocation in response to insulin (show INS ELISA Kits) in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

  3. Data show that the adapter protein (show GRB10 ELISA Kits) APS preferentially associates with phosphorylated Tyr (show TYR ELISA Kits)-568 and Tyr (show TYR ELISA Kits)-936 of the receptor for stem-cell factor (show KITLG ELISA Kits) (c-Kit (show KIT ELISA Kits)).

  4. Lnk (show SH2B3 ELISA Kits), SH2-B (show SH2B1 ELISA Kits), and APS have roles in mast cell development, growth, and functions

  5. APS might have a novel regulatory role in actin reorganization and control of B-1 cell compartment size.

  6. Knockdown of the mouse APS gene abolished the insulin (show INS ELISA Kits)-stimulated phosphorylation of c-Cbl (show CBL ELISA Kits).

  7. APS appears to play novel negative regulatory roles in BCR signaling, actin reorganization pathways, and control of compartment sizes of B-lineage cells

  8. These results identify Enigma as a novel APS-binding protein and suggest that the APS/Enigma complex plays a critical role in actin cytoskeleton organisation.

  9. SH2-B (show SH2B1 ELISA Kits), but not APS, is a key positive regulator of energy and glucose metabolism in mice

  10. APS enhanced ligand-dependent multi-ubiquitination of the insulin receptor (IR (show INSR ELISA Kits)) in CHO (show COL11A1 ELISA Kits) cells.

Human SH2B Adaptor Protein 2 (SH2B2) interaction partners

  1. Studies indicate that insulin receptor (IR (show INSR ELISA Kits)) and IGF Type 1 Receptor (IGFR) have been identified as important partners of Grb10 (show GRB10 ELISA Kits)/14 and SH2B1 (show SH2B1 ELISA Kits)/B2 adaptors.

  2. We present here a novel stimulatory mechanism of Vav3 (show VAV3 ELISA Kits) in which APS directly relieves the autoinhibitory CH domain and furthermore enhances its tyrosine phosphorylation by Lck (show LCK ELISA Kits).

  3. N-terminal residues distal to the phosphotyrosine directly contact residues of the four-helix bundle of the TKB domain of the adapter protein (show TOLLIP ELISA Kits) APS

SH2B2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is expressed in B lymphocytes and contains pleckstrin homology and src homology 2 (SH2) domains. In Burkitt's lymphoma cell lines, it is tyrosine-phosphorylated in response to B cell receptor stimulation. Because it binds Shc independent of stimulation and Grb2 after stimulation, it appears to play a role in signal transduction from the receptor to the Shc/Grb2 pathway.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with SH2B2

  • PRKR interacting protein 1 (IL11 inducible) (PRKRIP1) Elisa Kit
  • SH2B adaptor protein 2 (SH2B2) Elisa Kit
  • SH2B adaptor protein 2 (Sh2b2) Elisa Kit
  • APS Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for SH2B2

PRKR-interacting protein 1 homolog , SH2B adaptor protein 2 , SH2B adapter protein 2-like , SH2 and PH domain-containing adapter protein APS , SH2B adapter protein 2 , adapter protein with pleckstrin homology and Src homology 2 domains , adaptor protein with pleckstrin homology and src homology 2 domains , insulin receptor substrate 5

417508 Gallus gallus
463625 Pan troglodytes
489820 Canis lupus familiaris
617840 Bos taurus
714861 Macaca mulatta
741557 Pan troglodytes
771172 Gallus gallus
100060578 Equus caballus
100443516 Pongo abelii
100519708 Sus scrofa
23921 Mus musculus
10603 Homo sapiens
114203 Rattus norvegicus
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