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2210403O21Rik, 2610037N06Rik, ESTM3, Pls3, X83310
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Human PLSCR3 PLSCR3 57048 Q9NRY6
Mouse PLSCR3 PLSCR3 70310 Q9JIZ9
Rat PLSCR3 PLSCR3 360549 Q6QBQ4

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Human phospholipid Scramblase 3 (PLSCR3) interaction partners

  1. Secreted Scr3 (show RBMS2 ELISA Kits) was taken up by HeLa cells, suggesting that Scr3 (show RBMS2 ELISA Kits) functions as a cell-to-cell transferable modulator carried by exosomes in a paracrine manner.

  2. PLS3 (show PLS3 ELISA Kits) is a downstream effector of PKC-delta (show PKCd ELISA Kits) in the mitochondria.

  3. PLS3 (show PLS3 ELISA Kits) as a critical regulator of mitochondrial structure and respiration, and CL transport in apoptosis.

  4. These findings indicate that phosphorylation of PLS3 (show PLS3 ELISA Kits) by PKC-delta (show PKCd ELISA Kits) induces PLS3 (show PLS3 ELISA Kits) activation to facilitate mitochondrial targeting of tBid and apoptosis.

  5. Identification of Alix (show PDCD6IP ELISA Kits)-type and Non-Alix (show PDCD6IP ELISA Kits)-type ALG-2 (show PDCD6 ELISA Kits)-binding sites in human phospholipid scramblase 3: differential binding to an alternatively spliced isoform and amino acid-substituted mutants

  6. TRAIL-induced activation of PKC-delta mediates regulation of the phospholipid scramblase3-induced changes in cardiolipin.

  7. Results show that binding affinities of the peptides are in the order hPLSCR1>hPLSCR3>hPLSCR2>hPLSCR4 for Ca2 (show CA2 ELISA Kits)+ and in the order hPLSCR1>hPLSCR2>hPLSCR3>hPLSCR4 for Mg2 (show MUC7 ELISA Kits)+.

Mouse (Murine) phospholipid Scramblase 3 (PLSCR3) interaction partners

  1. results suggest that Scr3 (show RBMS2 ELISA Kits) functions as a negative regulator of adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells at a specific differentiation stage and that decrease in the intracellular amount of Scr3 (show RBMS2 ELISA Kits) protein caused by reduction in Scr3 (show RBMS2 ELISA Kits) mRNA expression

  2. expression of PLSCR3 may be required for normal adipocyte and/or macrophage maturation or function

  3. identified previously unrecognized lipid metabolites that suggest a novel molecular link between obesity, inflammation and the downstream consequences associated with PLSCR3-deficiency

phospholipid Scramblase 3 (PLSCR3) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

May mediate accelerated ATP-independent bidirectional transbilayer migration of phospholipids upon binding calcium ions that results in a loss of phospholipid asymmetry in the plasma membrane. May play a central role in the initiation of fibrin clot formation, in the activation of mast cells and in the recognition of apoptotic and injured cells by the reticuloendothelial system (By similarity).

Alternative names and synonyms associated with phospholipid Scramblase 3 (PLSCR3)

  • phospholipid scramblase 3 (PLSCR3) Elisa Kit
  • phospholipid scramblase 3 (Plscr3) Elisa Kit
  • 2210403O21Rik Elisa Kit
  • 2610037N06Rik Elisa Kit
  • ESTM3 Elisa Kit
  • Pls3 Elisa Kit
  • X83310 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for PLSCR3

PL scramblase 3 , ca(2+)-dependent phospholipid scramblase 3 , Ca 2+ dependent phospholipid scramblase 3

57048 Homo sapiens
70310 Mus musculus
360549 Rattus norvegicus
510355 Bos taurus
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