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2410016G21Rik, AA388047, AOA, AOA1, APRATAXIN-like, APTX, AXA1, EAOH, EOAHA, FHA-HIT, LOC100284636, T10O8.20, T10O8_20
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Human APTX APTX 54840 Q7Z2E3
APTX 66408 Q7TQC5
Rat APTX APTX 259271 Q8K4H4

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Human Aprataxin (APTX) interaction partners

  1. Mutations in TDP1 and APTX have been linked to Spinocerebellar ataxia with axonal neuropathy (SCAN1) and Ataxia-ocular motor apraxia 1 (AOA1), respectively, while mutations in PNKP are considered to be responsible for Microcephaly with seizures (MCSZ) and Ataxia-ocular motor apraxia 4 (AOA4).

  2. Lack of aprataxin impairs mitochondrial functions via downregulation of the APE1 (show APEX1 ELISA Kits)/NRF1 (show NFE2L1 ELISA Kits)/NRF2 (show GABPA ELISA Kits) pathway.

  3. Herein, we survey APTX function and the emerging cell biological, structural and biochemical data that has established a molecular foundation for understanding the APTX mediated deadenylation reaction. [review]

  4. We describe an ataxia with oculomotor apraxia type 1 patient without a severe phenotype, who has a homozygous deletion of the complete coding region of APTX.

  5. TDP1 (show TDP1 ELISA Kits) and APTX take part in the mitochondrial DNA repair and are apparently being transported from the cell nucleus. (Review)

  6. Structure-function studies of human APTX-RNA-DNA-AMP (show APRT ELISA Kits)-Zn complexes define a mechanism for detecting and reversing adenylation at RNA-DNA junctions

  7. Data suggest that mutations affecting protein folding, the active site pocket and the pivot motif underlie aprataxin dysfunction in the neurodegenerative disorder ataxia with oculomotor apraxia 1 (AOA1).

  8. The clinical phenotype was homogeneous, irrespectively of the type and location of the APTX mutation, and it was mainly characterized by early-onset cerebellar signs, sensory neuropathy, cognitive decline, and oculomotor deficits.

  9. Aprataxin is required for the normal repair rate of DNA single-strand breaks induced by genotoxic agents.

  10. The patients with early onset ataxia with ocular motor apraxia and hypoalbuminaemia homozygous for the c.689_690insT mutation(APTX) show a more severe phenotype than those with a p.Pro206Leu or p.Val263Gly mutation.

Mouse (Murine) Aprataxin (APTX) interaction partners

  1. Study demonstrates a protective role of Aptx in vivo and suggests that its loss results in progressive accumulation of DNA breaks in the nervous system, triggering hallmarks of premature ageing, systemically.

  2. neurological disorders associated with APTX mutations may be caused by the gradual accumulation of unrepaired DNA strand breaks resulting from abortive DNA ligation events

  3. aprataxin participates in chromosomal single-strand break repair

Aprataxin (APTX) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the histidine triad (HIT) superfamily. The encoded protein may play a role in single-stranded DNA repair through its nucleotide-binding activity and its diadenosine polyphosphate hydrolase activity. Mutations in this gene have been associated with ataxia-ocular apraxia. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been identified for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Aprataxin (APTX)

  • FHA-HIT protein (aptx) Elisa Kit
  • FHA-HIT (aptx) Elisa Kit
  • aprataxin (APTX) Elisa Kit
  • aprataxin (CpipJ_CPIJ001673) Elisa Kit
  • aprataxin (aptx) Elisa Kit
  • aprataxin (LOC100284636) Elisa Kit
  • adenylylsulfate sulfohydrolase (APTX) Elisa Kit
  • aprataxin (Aptx) Elisa Kit
  • FHA-HIT long isoform (aptx) Elisa Kit
  • 2410016G21Rik Elisa Kit
  • AA388047 Elisa Kit
  • AOA Elisa Kit
  • AOA1 Elisa Kit
  • APRATAXIN-like Elisa Kit
  • APTX Elisa Kit
  • AXA1 Elisa Kit
  • EAOH Elisa Kit
  • EOAHA Elisa Kit
  • FHA-HIT Elisa Kit
  • LOC100284636 Elisa Kit
  • T10O8.20 Elisa Kit
  • T10O8_20 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Aprataxin (APTX) ELISA Kits

aprataxin , forkhead-associated domain histidine triad-like protein , aprataxin-like , FHA-HIT , forkhead-associated domain histidine-triad like protein , forkhead-associated domain histidine-triad like

403092 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
445730 Ciona intestinalis
465037 Pan troglodytes
702671 Macaca mulatta
6032646 Culex quinquefasciatus
100068091 Equus caballus
100194567 Salmo salar
100284636 Zea mays
100439490 Pongo abelii
830940 Arabidopsis thaliana
100592983 Nomascus leucogenys
54840 Homo sapiens
398657 Xenopus laevis
442943 Canis lupus familiaris
387596 Sus scrofa
66408 Mus musculus
259271 Rattus norvegicus
395173 Gallus gallus
359714 Bos taurus
405797 Danio rerio
445995 Takifugu rubripes
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