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Excision Repair Cross Complementing Polypeptide-1 ELISA Kits (ERCC1)
On are 12 Excision Repair Cross Complementing Polypeptide-1 (ERCC1) ELISA Kits from 8 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping ERCC1 Antibodies (242) and ERCC1 Proteins (11) and many more products for this protein. A total of 275 ERCC1 products are currently listed.
COFS4, Ercc-1, RAD10, T12H1.18, T12H1_18, UV20, UVR7, UV REPAIR DEFICIENT 7
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Rat ERCC1 ERCC1 292673  
ERCC1 13870 P07903
ERCC1 2067 P07992

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Arabidopsis thaliana Excision Repair Cross Complementing Polypeptide-1 (ERCC1) interaction partners

  1. ERCC1 and XPF (show ERCC4 ELISA Kits) protect short telomeres from homologous recombination.

Mouse (Murine) Excision Repair Cross Complementing Polypeptide-1 (ERCC1) interaction partners

  1. these results establish USP45 as a new regulator of XPF (show ERCC4 ELISA Kits)-ERCC1 crucial for efficient DNA repair

  2. ERCC1 is critical for protecting chondrocytes from catabolic stress and is associated with the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis.

  3. SLX4 (show BTBD12 ELISA Kits) is a tumor suppressor, which activates XPF (show ERCC4 ELISA Kits)-ERCC1 nuclease (show DCLRE1C ELISA Kits) specificity in DNA crosslink repair.

  4. ERCC1 is essential for melanoma growth and resistance to cisplatin.

  5. Smad4 (show SMAD4 ELISA Kits) loss-associated Snail (show SNAI1 ELISA Kits) reduction compromises Ercc1-mediated DNA repair, contributing to increased UV-induced skin carcinogenesis.

  6. analysis of accelerated loss of hearing and vision in the DNA-repair deficient Ercc1(delta/-) mouse

  7. This study demonistrated that the ERCC1 deficiency-associated downregulation of the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway is at least in part due to lowered expression of its master transcription factor SREBF2 (show SREBF2 ELISA Kits)

  8. we have identified a novel skin-specific Ercc1 transcript in mice that originates from a promoter approximately 400 bp upstream of the normal promoter, rather than from more distant potential transcriptional start sites.

  9. Ercc1(Delta/-) mice develop widespread astrocytosis and microgliosis, and motor neuron loss and denervation of skeletal muscle fibers.

  10. Performed metabolic profiling of serum and urine of the ERCC1(d/-) mouse, which has a modified ERCC1 gene, in comparison to wild type ERCC1 mice and in relation to aging by (1)H NMR spectroscopy.

Human Excision Repair Cross Complementing Polypeptide-1 (ERCC1) interaction partners

  1. Evidence strongly indicated the prospect of ERCC1 C118T and C8092A as predictive biomarkers for platinum-based chemotherapy in Asian non-small cell lung cancer patients.

  2. the highest expression of GGH (show GGH ELISA Kits) and EGFR (show EGFR ELISA Kits) was noted in the left-sided colon; the highest expression of DHFR (show DHFR ELISA Kits), FPGS (show FPGS ELISA Kits), TOP1 (show TOP1 ELISA Kits) and ERCC1 was noted in the rectosigmoid, whereas TYMP (show TYMP ELISA Kits) expression was approximately equivalent in the right-sided colon and rectum

  3. there is a significant difference in biological behavior between ERCC1 rs3212986 gene polymorphism and treatment outcome of gastric cancer.

  4. Logistic regression analysis was taken to analyze the association between ERCC1 and ERCC2 (show ERCC2 ELISA Kits) genetic polymorphisms and response to chemotherapy.

  5. Patients with negative expression of ERCC1 in tumor tissues had a significantly longer median DFS (show FST ELISA Kits) and median OS compared to patients with positive expression of ERCC1

  6. oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy increases ERCC1 and DPYD (show DPYD ELISA Kits) expression levels; bevacizumab induces VEGFA (show VEGFA ELISA Kits) expression in metastatic colorectal cancer

  7. Inhibition of DNA-repair genes Ercc1 and Mgmt (show MGMT ELISA Kits) enhances temozolomide efficacy in glioma treatment.

  8. this study showed that ERCC1 rs2298881C>A could predict the survival outcomes of patients with surgically resected early stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

  9. Upon UVC radiation, Nlp interacts with XPA (show XPA ELISA Kits) and ERCC1, and enhances their association

  10. ERCC1 rs11615 polymorphism might influence the response to cisplatin-based chemotherapy and affect the clinical outcome for osteosarcoma patients.

ERCC1 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

The product of this gene functions in the nucleotide excision repair pathway, and is required for the repair of DNA lesions such as those induced by UV light or formed by electrophilic compounds including cisplatin. The encoded protein forms a heterodimer with the XPF endonuclease (also known as ERCC4), and the heterodimeric endonuclease catalyzes the 5' incision in the process of excising the DNA lesion. The heterodimeric endonuclease is also involved in recombinational DNA repair and in the repair of inter-strand crosslinks. Mutations in this gene result in cerebrooculofacioskeletal syndrome, and polymorphisms that alter expression of this gene may play a role in carcinogenesis. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. The last exon of this gene overlaps with the CD3e molecule, epsilon associated protein gene on the opposite strand.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with ERCC1

  • DNA excision repair protein ERCC-1 (ERCC1) Elisa Kit
  • excision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency, complementation group 1 (Ercc1) Elisa Kit
  • excision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency, complementation group 1 (includes overlapping antisense sequence) (ERCC1) Elisa Kit
  • COFS4 Elisa Kit
  • Ercc-1 Elisa Kit
  • RAD10 Elisa Kit
  • T12H1.18 Elisa Kit
  • T12H1_18 Elisa Kit
  • UV20 Elisa Kit
  • UVR7 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for ERCC1

DNA excision repair protein ERCC-1 , excision repair cross-complementing 1 , excision repair 1

819685 Arabidopsis thaliana
292673 Rattus norvegicus
13870 Mus musculus
2067 Homo sapiens
612282 Canis lupus familiaris
100286808 Sus scrofa
615637 Bos taurus
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