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fast, FAST-1, fast-2, Fast1, Fast2, fe26b06, FOXH1, foxh1a, schmalspur, SUR, wu:fe26b06, wu:fi30c08, wu:fi32b01, XFast-1, xfast1, xfoxh1
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FOXH1 8928 O75593
FOXH1 14106 O88621
FOXH1 300054  

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Top referenced anti-FOXH1 Antibodies

  1. Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Polyclonal FOXH1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN1881349 : Pogoda, Solnica-Krezel, Driever, Meyer: The zebrafish forkhead transcription factor FoxH1/Fast1 is a modulator of nodal signaling required for organizer formation. in Current biology : CB 2000 (PubMed)
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  2. Mouse (Murine) Polyclonal FOXH1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2779837 : Georgiades, Rossant: Ets2 is necessary in trophoblast for normal embryonic anteroposterior axis development. in Development (Cambridge, England) 2006 (PubMed)

More Antibodies against FOXH1 Interaction Partners

Human Forkhead Box H1 (FOXH1) interaction partners

  1. These results indicate that Smad4 (show SMAD4 Antibodies) acts as a tumor suppressor by activating FOXH1, and then suppressing the expression of estrogen receptor (show ESR1 Antibodies), in addition to tumor migration and invasion.

  2. HEB (show TCF12 Antibodies) and E2A (show TCF3 Antibodies)-bind the SCA motif at regions overlapping SMAD2 (show SMAD2 Antibodies)/3 and FOXH1

  3. Four genetic variants are found in FOXH1 that are associated with ventricular septal defects in Chinese patients.

  4. Results suggest that PKA can negatively regulate ERalpha (show ESR1 Antibodies), at least in part, through FoxH1.

  5. This work suggests that FAST-1 may participate in the vascular smooth muscle response to injury and may represent a potential molecular target for modulating the progression of cardiac allograft vasculopathy.

  6. Smad (show SMAD1 Antibodies)-binding peptide (show HP Antibodies) aptamer FOXH1 can be developed to selectively inhibit TGF-beta (show TGFB1 Antibodies)-induced gene expression.

  7. These results demonstrate for a functional role for TGF-beta (show TGFB1 Antibodies) ligands in regulation of mammalian Mixl1 (show MIXL1 Antibodies), identify FoxH1 as an essential co-activator, and implicate Nodal as the embryonic regulator of Mixl1 (show MIXL1 Antibodies) in mesendoderm morphogenesis.

  8. FoxH1 has a role in androgen receptor (show AR Antibodies)-mediated transactivation

  9. Reduced NODAL signaling via mutation of several pathway members including FOXH1 is linked to heart defects and holoprosencephaly.

Mouse (Murine) Forkhead Box H1 (FOXH1) interaction partners

  1. that FAST2 is expressed in a cell-specific manner during ovarian follicle development

  2. The finding that Foxh1-Grg (show AES Antibodies)-mediated repression is not essential for Nodal expression during mouse embryogenesis suggests that other regulators compensate for the loss of repressive regulatory input that is mediated by Grg (show AES Antibodies) interactions.

  3. Formation of midgut and hindgut definitive endoderm is unaffected by loss of Foxh1 or Foxa2 (show FOXA2 Antibodies).

  4. A conserved intronic enhancer (ASE (show ARSE Antibodies)), containing binding sites for the fork head (show FOXA1 Antibodies) transcription factor Foxh1, modulates dynamic patterns of Nodal expression during early mouse development.

  5. Foxh1 and Nkx2-5 (show NKX2-5 Antibodies) functionally interact and are essential for development of the anterior heart field and its derivatives

  6. As goosecoid (show GSC Antibodies) is itself induced in a Foxh1-dependent manner, we propose that Foxh1 initiates positive and negative transcriptional circuits to refine cell fate decisions during gastrulation

  7. Foxh1 initiates a transcriptional regulatory network within the developing anterior neuroectoderm.

Xenopus laevis Forkhead Box H1 (FOXH1) interaction partners

  1. Nodal-dependent gene expression is suppressed by FoxH1, but enhanced by a FoxH1 EH1 (show EPHX1 Antibodies) mutant, indicating that the EH1 (show EPHX1 Antibodies) motif is necessary for repression. Grg4 (show TLE4 Antibodies) occupancy of the Xnr1 (show NODAL Antibodies) enhancer is dependent on the FoxH1 EH1 (show EPHX1 Antibodies) motif. Nodal-activated Smad2 (show SMAD2 Antibodies) physically displaces Grg4 (show TLE4 Antibodies) from FoxH1. FoxH1 mediates both activation and repression of Nodal gene expression.

Zebrafish Forkhead Box H1 (FOXH1) interaction partners

  1. we identify a previously unappreciated role for the Nodal-transcription factor FoxH1 in mediating cell responsiveness to Bmp further linking the control of these two pathways in the heart

  2. Axial mesoderm induction is differentially disrupted in FoxH1 mutants. FoxH1 mutants respond differently to Activin (show Actbeta Antibodies)-like signaling.

  3. These results and the association of FoxH1 and Mixer/Bon with phosphorylated Smad2 (show SMAD2 Antibodies) support a role for these factors as components of the Nodal signaling pathway.

  4. flk1 (show KDR Antibodies) is a direct target of FoxH1; FoxH1 is involved in vessel formation in zebrafish.

  5. to an essential role for maternal FoxH1 and downstream keratins during gastrulation that is epistatic to Nodal signaling

FOXH1 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

FOXH1 encodes a human homolog of Xenopus forkhead activin signal transducer-1. FOXH1 protein binds SMAD2 and activates an activin response element via binding the DNA motif TGT(G/T)(T/G)ATT.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with FOXH1

  • forkhead box H1 (FOXH1) antibody
  • forkhead box H1 (foxh1) antibody
  • forkhead box H1 (LOC100301631) antibody
  • forkhead box H1 (Foxh1) antibody
  • fast antibody
  • FAST-1 antibody
  • fast-2 antibody
  • Fast1 antibody
  • Fast2 antibody
  • fe26b06 antibody
  • FOXH1 antibody
  • foxh1a antibody
  • schmalspur antibody
  • SUR antibody
  • wu:fe26b06 antibody
  • wu:fi30c08 antibody
  • wu:fi32b01 antibody
  • XFast-1 antibody
  • xfast1 antibody
  • xfoxh1 antibody

Protein level used designations for anti-Forkhead Box H1 (FOXH1) Antibodies

forkhead box H1 , forkhead activin signal transducer 1 , forkhead box protein H1 , forkhead box protein H1-like , TGF-beta/activin signal transducer , fast-2 , forkhead activin signal transducer 2 , forkhead activin signal transducer-1 , hFAST-1 , FAST1 transcription factor , XFoxH1a , fast-1 , xFAST-1 , etID62177.12 , uncle freddy , unf

464468 Pan troglodytes
482098 Canis lupus familiaris
549838 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100456146 Pongo abelii
100598441 Nomascus leucogenys
100301631 Oryzias latipes
8928 Homo sapiens
14106 Mus musculus
300054 Rattus norvegicus
398070 Xenopus laevis
57930 Danio rerio
493733 Bos taurus
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