Unc-80 Homolog (C. Elegans) (UNC80) ELISA Kit

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Target Name (Antigen)
Quantity 96 tests
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Detection Method Colorimetric
Components Reagent (Quantity): Assay plate (1), Standard (2), Sample Diluent (1x20ml), Assay Diluent A (1x10ml), Assay Diluent B (1x10ml), Detection Reagent A (1x120µl), Detection Reagent B (1x120µl), Wash Buffer(25 x concentrate) (1x30ml), Substrate (1x10ml), Stop Solution (1x10ml)
Alternative Name Protein unc-80 homolog
Background Synonyms: C2orf21,Homo sapiens,Human,KIAA1843,Protein unc-80 homolog,UNC80

Gene Name: UNC80

Sample Volume 100 μL
Plate Pre-coated,96 wells
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage 4 °C/-20 °C
Storage Comment The Standard, Detection Reagent A, Detection Reagent B and the 96-well strip plate should be stored at -20 °C upon being received. The other reagents can be stored at 4 °C.
Catalog No. ABIN1152736
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