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Catalog No. ABIN412485
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Purpose Isolates nuclear,cytosol fractions w,o untracentrifugation
Sample Type Cell Culture
Specificity This Nuclear/Cytosol Extraction Kit provides a complete system that enables the separation of nuclear extract from the cytoplasmic fraction of mammalian cells. The optimized reagents and procedures provided with the kit allow separation of nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions quickly with little or no cross-contaminations. The extracted nuclear and cytoplasmic protein fractions are functional and compatible with downstream assays such as transcriptional activity, RNA splicing, gel shift assay, reporter assays, enzyme activity assays, and Western blotting.
Characteristics Nuclear,Cytosol Fractionation Kit: Rapid & Convenient Kit to Separate Nuclear Fractions from Cytoplasmic Fractions of Mammalian Cells.
Components Cytosol Extraction Buffer A (CEB-A)
Cytosol Extraction Buffer B (CEB-B)
Nuclear Extraction Buffer (NEB)
DTT (1 M)
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (lyophilized)

Category: Nuclear Isolation
SampleType adds: Fresh (suspension and adherent) and frozen tissues

Protocol Note: Nuclear extract prepared using the above procedure contains proteins in a concentration approx. 1 mg/mL. If higher concentration is desired, the nuclei can be resuspended in less volume of NEB-Mix (such as 20 µL) in Step
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C
Expiry Date 12 months
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