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AFTA, atf5, Atf7, Atfx, HMFN0395, ODA-10

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Human Activating Transcription Factor 5 (ATF5) interaction partners

  1. Our results suggest that ATF5 promotes invasion by inducing the expression of integrin-alpha2 and integrin-beta1 in several human cancer cell lines.

  2. This study provides the first evidence that the methylation level of ATF5 decreased, and its mRNA expression was evidently up-regulated in glioma.

  3. These results suggest that the hepatic functions of the human iPS (show SLC27A4 ELISA Kits)-HLCs (show HLCS ELISA Kits) could be enhanced by ATF5, c/EBPalpha (show CEBPA ELISA Kits), and PROX1 (show PROX1 ELISA Kits) transduction.

  4. Activating transcription factor 5 enhances radioresistance and malignancy in cancer.

  5. Data show that ATF5 is an essential structural protein that is required for the interaction between the mother centriole and the pericentriolar material.

  6. Low expression level of ATF5 in hepatocellular carcinoma indicated aggressive tumor behavior and predicted a worse clinical outcome.

  7. Report a global loss of 5hmC identified three new genes (ECM1 (show ECM1 ELISA Kits), ATF5, and EOMES (show EOMES ELISA Kits)) with potential anti-cancer functions that may promote the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of hepatocellular carcinoma development and progression.

  8. the TAK1 (show MAP3K7 ELISA Kits)-NLK (show NLK ELISA Kits) pathway is a novel regulator of basal or IL-1beta (show IL1B ELISA Kits)-triggered C/EBP (show CEBPA ELISA Kits) activation though stabilization of ATF5

  9. ATF5 promotes the proliferation of HSV-1 via a potential mechanism by which ATF5 enhances the transcription of viral genes during the course of an HSV-1 infection

  10. N-terminal hydrophobic amino acids play an important role in the regulation of ATF5 protein expression in IL-1beta (show IL1B ELISA Kits)-mediated immune response and that ATF5 is a negative regulator for IL-1beta (show IL1B ELISA Kits)-induced expression of SAA1 (show SAA1 ELISA Kits) and SAA2 (show SAA1 ELISA Kits) in HepG2 cells.

Mouse (Murine) Activating Transcription Factor 5 (ATF5) interaction partners

  1. ATF5 is one of the transcription factors crucial for the vomeronasal sensory formation.

  2. Atf5 is required for mouse olfactory bulb development via interneuron.

  3. Data indicate that downregulation of ATF5 inhibits adipogenesis through C/EBPalpha (show CEBPA ELISA Kits) by impairing the interaction with p300 (show NOTCH1 ELISA Kits)-C/EBPbeta (show CEBPB ELISA Kits).

  4. Both ATF5 and CHOP (show DDIT3 ELISA Kits) have proapoptotic functions in mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

  5. Adult neurons express ATF5; its levels increase upon endoplasmic reticulum stress as a neuroprotective mechanism.

  6. ATF5 is required for terminal differentiation and survival of olfactory sensory neurons.

  7. BBF2H7 (show CREB3L2 ELISA Kits)-ATF5-MCL1 (show MCL1 ELISA Kits) pathway specifically suppressed ER stress-induced apoptosis in chondrocytes.

  8. These findings indicate a reciprocal interaction between ATF5 and Shh (show SHH ELISA Kits) in which Shh (show SHH ELISA Kits) stimulates ATF5 expression and in which ATF5 contributes to Shh (show SHH ELISA Kits)-stimulated cerebellar granule neuron progenitor cell expansion.

  9. Data show that transcription factor ATF5 is expressed in the postnatal brain.

  10. essential in malignant glioma genesis and ATF5-mediated survival pathway identified

ATF5 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

plays a role in inhibition of nerve growth factor-induced neuronal outgrowth and regulation of neurogenesis

Alternative names and synonyms associated with ATF5

  • activating transcription factor 5 (ATF5) Elisa Kit
  • activating transcription factor 5 (atf5) Elisa Kit
  • activating transcription factor 5 (Atf5) Elisa Kit
  • activating transcription factor 5, gene 2 (atf5.2) Elisa Kit
  • AFTA Elisa Kit
  • atf5 Elisa Kit
  • Atf7 Elisa Kit
  • Atfx Elisa Kit
  • HMFN0395 Elisa Kit
  • ODA-10 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for ATF5

activating transcription factor 5 , cAMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-5 , cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-5 , transcription factor ATFx , BZIP protein ATF7 , NAP1 , NRIF3-associated protein , activating transcription factor 5-alpha/beta , activating transcription factor 7 , activating transcription factor X , transcription factor-like protein ODA-10

456225 Pan troglodytes
100145007 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
22809 Homo sapiens
515654 Bos taurus
107503 Mus musculus
282840 Rattus norvegicus
100721314 Cavia porcellus
100688667 Canis lupus familiaris
101114972 Ovis aries
446834 Xenopus laevis
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