Gel electrophoresis is a nearly ubiquitous method across all walks of experimental biology, used to separate biological macromolecules by size, molecular weight, and charge. The widespread use of gel electrophoresis means that nucleotide and protein molecular weight standards are among the most important common-use laboratory products. antibodies-online is proud to announce that it has partnered with Genedirex to offer high-quality, ready-to-use, affordable molecular weight markers for both agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis experiments. These unique products don’t require any dilution, and come in a ready-to-use format, complete with loading buffer and visible tracking dyes.

She works for the first-level support of antibodies-online. Heike has worked for some midsized companies in Bavaria, for example in the logistics field but also for an automotive supplier. Part of her duties were customer service, sales and supply chain support. With a solid background in customer service work she moved to Aachen and joined our team.

Martin works in the second-level support of the customer service of antibodies-online. He has studied Humanbiology in Marburg (Germany) and completed his doctoral thesis at the university hospital in Aachen. Afterwards, he spent 1,5 years as Post Doc at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, Hawaii. Martin has been working in the fields of cell biology, immunology and cardiovascular research and has a strong expertise in flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy.

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antibodies-online has recently announced a global partnership with Minnesota based immunoassay manufacturer Bio-Ocean. 65 Bio-Ocean ELISA kits against popular research targets are now available at antibodies-online.

Bio-Ocean's US manufactured kits offer researchers an exceptional value without compromising on quality-control or internal validation standards. Most Bio-Ocean products are also available to US customers in just 3-4 business days!

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antibodies-online now lists 96 Stereospecific Detection Technologies products. After the recently concluded agreement, antibodies-online now offers 96 SDT products globally. The “keystone” product is Poly-HRP, an improved homopolymer HRP label. According to the number of HRP units, HRP20, HRP40 and HRP80 are available. It is used for manufacturing ultrasensitive detection reagents for products such as ELISA, Western Blotting, and IHC. The Poly-HRP conjugates are used in the same way as the usual HRP conjugates, as for example in ELISA. Due to the numerous HRP molecules in contrast to the usual HRP alternatives, the signal is stronger. Furthermore, they are specialised in providing evidence of HRP activities in immunoassays (different TMB substrates and further immunoassay reagents). In order to make the product more accessible, heteropolymers (e.g. with Streptavidin) are also available.