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antibodies-online is proud to announce the addition of Antagen Pharmaceuticals lateral flow assays for various applications to our catalog. These ready-to-use kits offer a quick, easy, and reproducible way to measure the innate immunity factor Lipocalin 2 (LCN2), the HAV cellular receptor 1, or interleukin IL-8. Furthermore, Antagen provides isotyping kits for mouse and rat antibodies and lentiviral titration assays.

The Boston/MA based company is dedicated to combating autoimmune diseases, infectious and cancerous diseases through its novel approaches of discovery, development, manufacturing and not least commercialization of biologics. If you are interested in in our portfolio feel free to get in contact with one of our scientific support specialists.

  • In an immunoprecipitation (IP) experiment, proteins are selectively precipitated out of a solution using a specific antibody
  • Co-immunoprecipitation is an extension of the basic IP technique, in which interacting proteins are immunoprecipitated together to identify & characterize interaction
  • DNA binding proteins can be co-IPed with bound DNA (ChIP) and the bound DNA can be
  • sequenced and characterized (ChipSeq/MeDIP etc)
  • ChIP-Seq is a powerful tool for studying DNA-protein interaction, epigenetic remodeling, and regulation of genetic pathways
  • antibodies-online and Active Motif have teamed up to offer a wide selection of antibodies that are guaranteed for use in ChIP, ChIP-seq, and MeDIP applications

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  • our source for > 1 million products.
  • ChIP-seq grade antibodies from Active Motif.
  • an opportunity to make the antibody market more transparent.

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antibodies-online welcomes our newest supplier, AllerMAbs to our marketplace

AllerMAbs, uses proprietary knock-in mice to generate Chimeric Human antibodies against common allergens for research and sero-diagnostic use.

  • The IgE-mediated adaptive immune precedes clinical symptoms of allergy (sneezing, itching, runny nose, etc.).
  • Current standards used for detection & antigenic profiling of the IgE-mediated immune response are composed of mixed serum & plasma from human donors
  • This process of collection is labor intensive and expensive, and there is relatively low batch-to-batch consistency and questionable antigen specificity in these samples
  • AllerMAbs has pioneered a unique method of generating chimeric human monoclonal IgE antibodies through a proprietary knock-in mouse model & conventional hybridoma technology
  • The result is a universally-consistent, well-validated chimeric human IgE antibody with exceptional specificity for individual antigens.

See all AllerMAbs antibodies against allergens like Der P1 (dust mite), Ovalbumin (egg), Papain, and BetV1 (Birch pollen)