Fluorescence is among the most captivating of all natural phenomena. It is also one of the most commonly utilized and versatile tools in life-science or biomedical researcher's toolbox, with visually stunning fluorescence micrographs dominating the cover of popular, highly-regarded peer-reviewed journals.

In modern life-science research, fluorescent probes are used to label all manner of molecules, cells, and tissues for a variety of applications including spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, FACS/Flow Cytometry, Western blotting and many others.

On May, 4th, 2015, Dr. Andreas Kessell, managing director and co-founder of antibodies-online, will give a lecture at a networking event for BioRiver. BioRiver is a leading network for Biotechnology and Life Sciences experts in the Rhineland bioregion. Alongside Professor Andreas Engelen, Director of Online-Marketing at GFIU GmbH, Dr. Kessell will discuss marketing to scientists and the development of successful, scientifically focused marketing campaigns in a digital world. The lecture will take place at Qiagen headquarters, and will be followed by presentation of the 2015 Ernst and Young Biotechnolgy Report.

Are you interested in epigenetics research? Epigenetics is a developing topic in the life-sciences, with immediate implications for both basic-research and biomedical applications.

New research into the epigenome and epigenetic regulation are shedding light on the marvelous complexity shaped by the relatively sparse human genome.

Antibodies-online has recently published a brief overview of the history of epigenetics, and recent advances in the field in our resource section.

Click here to read The Epigenome Project: Mapping the marvelous complexity required to build a working human with just 20,000 genes at antibodies-online.

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