Aachen/Atlanta/Shanghai— According to the latest Pivotal Scientific Antibody Market Report,, the largest online distributor for proteomics research products worldwide, is ranked 6th regarding citation growth. Pivotal Scientific, a biotechnology consultancy that works specifically with research reagent manufacturers, investigated the fastest growing companies in terms of citations published in 2014. Companies offering products associated with at least 100 references in peer-reviewed scientific publications were considered in this study.
Independent Validation

Independent Validation

Two additional antibodies for their utilization in western blotting are successfuly validated. Specifically, one antibody specific for the detection of PI3K p85 /p55 (pTyr467) has been validated in the human cell line HeLa, while no band was visible in the insect cell line C6/36. Additionally Breast Cancer 2, Early Onset (BRCA2) could be detected in the human cell line MCF7. Human CAPAN-1 cells were used in this assay as negative control.

Independent Validation

Independent Validation

Three additional antibodies for the detection of different cadherin types have been successfully validated for their utilization in flow cytometry. Specifically, two antibodies specific for the detection of E-Cadherin (Cadherin-1) have been validated in human cell line MCF-7 (ABIN687682 and ABIN1387847) while a K-Cadherin (Cadherin-6) antibody was tested using cell lines MCF-7 and 786-O (ABIN715286).

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