We are very happy to announce that we have just added 2,404 new products from Abiocode to our digital marketplace. Abiocode is an Agoura Hills/CA based company founded in 2008 by Scientists dedicated to provide high quality research reagents. For each antigen Abiocode aims to produce at least two antibodies that recognize different epitopes. These vPairTM antibodies pairs are of high interest for antibody arrays, ELISA and study validation and contribute significantly to reproducible results. Furthermore, Abiocode offers ChIP-grade antibodies, plant antibodies and a number of tag and control antibodies.
Independent Validation

Independent Validation

The ELISA kit for the detection of Trypsin (TRY) was successfully validated with porcine pancreas as positive control. A clear signal was observed in this samples while none could be detected in the negative control chicken serum.

Additionally, the ELISA kit for the detection of Ki67P was tested successfully with a lysate of MCF7 cells. Ki67P is of great significance as a nuclear marker for cell proliferation since the Ki67 index can serve as measurement of the proliferative rate of cells, including tumor cells. The negative control in this experiment was a chicken brain lysate .

In the life-science research community, reproducibility and reagent quality are the two hulking elephants in the room. Recent estimates place global waste from poor quality proteomics reagents at nearly a billion dollars, with more than $350,000,000 in waste from the US alone.1 That’s enough money to fund 1400 full modular R01 grants annually. Still, change in the life-science reagent market is slow, incremental, and can be profoundly frustrating. Antibodies-online is working with our global supplier base to reshape the proteomics marketplace, improving transparency and data quality through several key initiatives.
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