antibodies-online is pleased to announce that US based Athens Research & Technology has recently joined our global distribution network as our most recent protein supplier.

The Athens, GA based firm is a manufacturer of purified, native human proteins, useful for a variety of different research applications.

Athens R&T products are set apart by exceptionally high purity (>95% for most products) and rigorously tested bio-activity.

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  • Better ChIP results with less sample material thanks to Chromatrap ChIP spin columns.
  • The open structure of the scaffold promotes molecular movement for better sample mixing while the inert matrix material guarantees unparalleled specificity and low background.
  • The result is an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic range that allow significantly smaller sample volumes.
  • Chromatrap offers spin column kits for various ChIP applications ranging from ChIP/qPCR and ChIP-seq to ChIP from FFPE tissue samples.
  • In addition, sets of antibodies against established control loci and the respective qPCR primers are offered as ChIP controls.

antibodies-online is pleased to welcome our newest partner, Ansh Labs. Based in Webster, TX the team at Ansh labs has over 25 years of experience working with diagnostic and research immuno-reagents. With a portfolio of assay kits and antibodies that covers both hot, new biomarkers and known hormones that lack sufficient target coverage in the immuno-reagent market, Ansh labs offerings are likely to broaden the antibodies-online catalog and offer even more choice to our research customers.

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Located in Southern California, the team at NSJ Bioreagents has more than two decades of experience in the antibody production field.

NSJ Bioreagents portfolio contains a mixture of highly-validated, extensively cited popular monoclonal antibodies and brand-new to the market mono- and polyclonal offerings targeting the most recent targets of interest.

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Phoenix Europe, the European arm of Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, is a global leader in production of peptides for research applications with more than 3 decades of experience.

Phoenix Europe brings more than to the already extensive antibodies-online catalog.

Phoenix Europe products cover a broad range of targets, but are focused principally on antigens relevant to the study of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Phoenix Europe products are currently available to antibodies-online customers throughout Europe.