Myc-Trap® Quick Facts
  • The Myc-Trap® consists of an antibody fragment coupled to agarose beads.
  • It is highly suitable for fast, reliable and efficient one-step immunoprecipitation of Myc-tagged proteins and their interacting factors from cell extracts or organelles.
  • The Myc-Trap® recognizes the Myc-tag sequence EQKLISEEDL at the N-terminus, C-terminus, or internal site of the fusion protein.

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There is nothing inherently magical about the process of coating a capture antibody onto a 96-well plate. This is the premise behind MabTag’s exceptional ELISA kits. Using a MabTag kit, a researcher can perform a simple three-step coating process to prepare a sensitive and selective sandwich-format assay for quantitative detection of one of more than a dozen different targets at a fraction of the cost of competing assay kits.

PROALT is a Madrid based biotechnology venture focused on biomarker assay development for clinical diagnosis and management of cancer. While a large contingent of PROALT’s assays remain outside the scope of products that would interest the basic life-science researcher, it is a well know axiom that the basic and applied-sciences routinely feed off of each other. The development and evaluation of high-specificity diagnostic tools often yield unintended benefits, generating novel proteomics tools with empirically demonstrated efficacy, for life- and health-science researchers engaged in basic-research.