More than 1,650 recombinant proteins from Acrobiosystems are available through

antibodies-online has announced a new partnership with US based reagent manufacturer Acrobiosystems. Headquartered in Newark/DE, Acrobiosystems is an international leader in recombinant protein industry, specializing in production of high quality biomarkers for drug discovery. Their latest focus centers on supporting researchers who study the emerging field of cancer immunotherapy. The company recently launched an exclusive immune checkpoint product line that includes all currently identified checkpoint proteins from humans and common model organisms used in cancer research. These products are carefully designed and rigorously tested to meet high standards of reagent quality demanded by professionals involved in pharmaceutical research and development.

We are very happy to announce that we have just added 2,404 new products from Abiocode to our digital marketplace. Abiocode is an Agoura Hills/CA based company founded in 2008 by Scientists dedicated to provide high quality research reagents. For each antigen Abiocode aims to produce at least two antibodies that recognize different epitopes. These vPairTM antibodies pairs are of high interest for antibody arrays, ELISA and study validation and contribute significantly to reproducible results. Furthermore, Abiocode offers ChIP-grade antibodies, plant antibodies and a number of tag and control antibodies.
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