antibodies-online is happy to announce our most recent partnership with BioAim Scientific. BioAim Scientific is located in Toronto, Ontario and offers EasyTestTM ELISA kits for quantification of mouse, rat, and human antigens in a broad range of sample matrices. EasyTestTM kits are superior to traditional format enzyme immunoassays because they require only a single wash step, and can be completed in about 2.5 hours, helping to save valuable research time. Most EasyTestTM ELISA kits are available through antibodies-online in just 3-4 business days. Browse through 49 kits available from BioAim Scientific- or ask our scientific support staff to help you find the right kit for your target today.

Biorbyt has recently agreed to a global distribution partnership with antibodies-online. The latest agreement permits antibodies-online to distribute 150 primary antibodies, isotype controls, and recombinant proteins produced by the Cambridge, UK based reagent manufacturer to an extensive base of research customers across the globe.

Individuals or institutions interested in procuring Biorbyt products can find them available immediately in the antibodies-online digital marketplace.

The products of our partner USCN Life Science Inc. are now available under the supplier name Cloud-Clone. The Product IDs will remain the same. At the moment, 34,534 Cloud-Clone products can be found on

In 2014, the global pharmaceutical and bioscience research organization WuXi Apptec opted to spin-off a reagent production subsidiary. The new company, WuXi Biosciences, aimed to leverage the research and development capacity of its parent company to develop a host of high-quality, validated life science reagents designed to propel academic and industry life-science research forward.