The cytoskeleton is a complex organizational nexus that provides far more than just structural support for the cell. While its name may imply a rigid and immutable structure, the cytoskeleton is actually a dynamic interconnected network of filamentous proteins interacting with hundreds of different molecular motors, cross-linkers, and cargo containing vesicles.
Independent Validation

Independent Validation

Two more antibodies for the detection of different antigens were successfully tested in Western Blot experiments. The antibodies-online antibody for the detection of beta Catenin was tested with MCF-7 cells and SK-BR-3 cells. In MCF-7 cells a clear band was visible in the correct size of beta Catenin.

Furthermore, the antibodies-online antibody ABIN98862 for the detection of human EGFR was validated in combination with MCF-7 and A549 cells. The presence of EGFR could be clearly seen in A549 cell lysates.

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