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Nerve Growth Factor Receptor (NGFR) Peptide

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Protein Name
(8), (6), (5), (3), (3), (2), (2)
Control Peptide (CP)
Pubmed 2 references available
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Background The pan-neurotrophin receptor p75NTR belongs to a large family of receptors, which includes tumor necrosis factor receptors (TNF), Fas and approximately 25 other members. The p75NTR is the first receptor to be cloned and have shown significant advancement in its understanding of signaling pathways. In the last several years considerable advancement have been made regarding the signaling pathways activated by p75NTR and its potential biological functions. It is now known that P75NTR has surprisingly diverse effects, ranging from cell death to regulation of axon elongation. This diversity in its physiological effects can be explained by the complex formation of p75NTR with other receptors and multiple signaling molecules that interact with the intracellular domain of p75NTR (1). Neuronal survival, differentiation and mylination also involves p75NTR signaling via Trk receptor kinases. Identification of new ligands, cytosolic interacting partners, receptor cleavage products and coreceptors for the p75NTR led to greater understanding of p75NTR signaling (2). Nerve growth factor (NGF) is synthesized by various structural and inflammatory cells and activates Tropomyosin-receptor kinase A (TrkA) and the p75NTR receptor, both belong to the Synonyms: TNFRSF16, Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 16
Gene ID 4804
NCBI Accession NP_002498
UniProt P08138
Research Area Growth Factors, Receptors
Application Notes Optimal working dilution should be determined by the investigator.

Antigenic blocking peptide for ABIN493187

Restrictions For Research Use only
Handling Advice Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Storage -20 °C
Storage Comment Store (in aliquots) at -20 °C.
Background publications Yamashita, Fujitani, Hata et al.: "Diverse functions of the p75 neurotrophin receptor." in: Anatomical science international, Vol. 80, Issue 1, pp. 37-41, 2005 (PubMed).

Nykjaer, Willnow, Petersen: "p75NTR--live or let die." in: Current opinion in neurobiology, Vol. 15, Issue 1, pp. 49-57, 2005 (PubMed).

Catalog No. ABIN493186

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