Acid Phosphatase, Prostate (ACPP) (C-Term) Peptide

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Protein Name
  • ACPP
  • CD73
  • Nt5
  • 4921514H13Rik
  • AIRP
  • CN-IB
  • 5'-NT
  • ACP-3
  • ACP3
  • PAP
  • A030005E02Rik
  • FRAP
  • Lap
  • Ppal
  • Acpp11
  • RNACPP11
  • pap
  • acp-3
  • acp3
  • acpt
  • AMAP2
  • CENTB3
  • DDEF2
  • PAG3
  • Pap-alpha
  • SHAG1
  • acid phosphatase, prostate
  • prostatic acid phosphatase
  • 5' nucleotidase, ecto
  • 5'-nucleotidase, cytosolic IB
  • ArfGAP with SH3 domain, ankyrin repeat and PH domain 2
  • ACPP
  • LOC100352974
  • CpipJ_CPIJ004002
  • CpipJ_CPIJ017646
  • Smp_016640
  • Nt5e
  • Nt5c1b
  • Acpp
  • acpp
  • ASAP2
Protein Region
Peptide Type
Blocking Peptide (BP)
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Specificity The synthetic peptide sequence used to generate the antibody AP7592b was selected from the C-term region of human ACPP. A 10 to 100 fold molar excess to antibody is recommended. Precise conditions should be optimized for a particular assay.
Background ACPP is an enzyme which catalyzes the conversion of orthophosphoric monoester to alcohol and orthophosphate. It is synthesized under androgen regulation and is secreted by the epithelial cells of the prostate gland.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage 4
Storage Comment Maintain refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 6 months. For long term storage store at -20°C in small aliquots to prevent freeze-thaw cycles
Expiry Date 6 months
Background publications Quintero, Araujo, Pulkka, Wirkkala, Herrala, Eskelinen, Jokitalo, Hellström, Tuominen, Hirvikoski, Vihko: "Prostatic acid phosphatase is not a prostate specific target." in: Cancer research, Vol. 67, Issue 14, pp. 6549-54, 2007 (PubMed).