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anti-Cytochrome P450, Family 1, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 Antibodies (CYP1A1)
On are 132 Cytochrome P450, Family 1, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP1A1) Antibodies from 23 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping CYP1A1 Kits (31) and CYP1A1 Proteins (10) and many more products for this protein. A total of 184 CYP1A1 products are currently listed.
AHH, AHRR, CP11, CYP1, CYP1A1, Cyp1a2, Cyp45c, Cypc45c, CYPIA1, P-450MC, P1-450, P450-1, P450-C, P450DX
list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
CYP1A1 1543 P04798
CYP1A1 24296 P00185
CYP1A1 13076 P00184

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Top referenced anti-CYP1A1 Antibodies

  1. Human Monoclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN1882231 : Pande, Amos, Eng, Frazier: Interactions between cigarette smoking and selected polymorphisms in xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in risk for colorectal cancer: A case-only analysis. in Molecular carcinogenesis 2010 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Monoclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN1882232 : Sabitha, Reddy, Jamil: Smoking related risk involved in individuals carrying genetic variants of CYP1A1 gene in head and neck cancer. in Cancer epidemiology 2010 (PubMed)
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  3. Human Monoclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for IHC, ELISA - ABIN969511 : Canova, Hashibe, Simonato, Nelis, Metspalu, Lagiou, Trichopoulos, Ahrens, Pigeot, Merletti, Richiardi, Talamini, Barzan, Macfarlane, Macfarlane, Holcátová, Bencko, Benhamou, Bouchardy, Kjaerheim et al.: Genetic associations of 115 polymorphisms with cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract across 10 European countries: the ARCAGE project. ... in Cancer research 2009 (PubMed)
    Show all 2 references for ABIN969511

  4. Human Polyclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for EIA, WB - ABIN360414 : Delpisheh, Brabin, Topping, Reyad, Tang, Brabin: A case-control study of CYP1A1, GSTT1 and GSTM1 gene polymorphisms, pregnancy smoking and fetal growth restriction. in European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology 2009 (PubMed)
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  5. Human Polyclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for EIA, IHC (p) - ABIN360413 : Zhuo, Wang, Zhuo, Zhu, Wang, Zhu, Li, Chen: CYP1A1 and GSTM1 polymorphisms and oral cancer risk: association studies via evidence-based meta-analyses. in Cancer investigation 2009 (PubMed)
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  6. Rat (Rattus) Polyclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN4302060 : Sulem, Gudbjartsson, Geller, Prokopenko, Feenstra, Aben, Franke, den Heijer, Kovacs, Stumvoll, Mägi, Yanek, Becker, Boyd, Stacey, Walters, Jonasdottir, Thorleifsson, Holm, Gudjonsson, Rafnar et al.: Sequence variants at CYP1A1-CYP1A2 and AHR associate with coffee consumption. ... in Human molecular genetics 2011 (PubMed)

  7. Human Polyclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for IHC (p), WB - ABIN392526 : Foster, Jacobsen, Kenna, Schulz-Utermoehl, Morikawa, Salmu, Wilson: Differential effect of troglitazone on the human bile acid transporters, MRP2 and BSEP, in the PXB hepatic chimeric mouse. in Toxicologic pathology 2012 (PubMed)

  8. Human Polyclonal CYP1A1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2776793 : Ikeda, Sasazuki, Natsukawa, Shaura, Koizumi, Kasuga, Ohnami, Sakamoto, Yoshida, Iwasaki, Tsugane: Screening of 214 single nucleotide polymorphisms in 44 candidate cancer susceptibility genes: a case-control study on gastric and colorectal cancers in the Japanese population. in The American journal of gastroenterology 2008 (PubMed)

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Pig (Porcine) Cytochrome P450, Family 1, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP1A1) interaction partners

  1. Significant CYP1A1 expression increases over control animals was observed in ileum tissue in swine exposed to a single dose of 10 mgkg-bw-1 PAHs

  2. There was no association between CYP1A1 C genotype and survival in the overall study population

  3. The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on the activities of cytochrome P-450 (show CYP Antibodies) CYP1A1, cytochrome P-450 (show CYP Antibodies) CYP2B1 (show Cyp2b1 Antibodies) and methoxyresorufin O-demethylase (show MBD2 Antibodies) (MROD) was studied in intact male pigs of 2 breeds.[CYP2B1 (show Cyp2b1 Antibodies); MROD]

  4. This study demonstrated for the first time that the serum testosterone level is one of the physiological factors which regulate constitutive expression of hepatic CYP1A1 and CYP1A2 (show CYP1A2 Antibodies) in pigs.

  5. The findings demonstrate a gender-related difference in the constitutive expression of hepatic CYP1A1 in Meishan pigs and further indicate that testosterone down-regulates the constitutive gene expression of the enzyme.

  6. Distinct subtypes of urinary bladder epithelial cells with inducible and non-inducible cytochrome P-450 (show CYP Antibodies) CYP1A1 are reported.

  7. Effect of beta-napthoflavone on AHR (show AHR Antibodies)-related gene, CYP1A1, in the pig is reported.

Human Cytochrome P450, Family 1, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP1A1) interaction partners

  1. Report quinone-mediated induction of cytochrome P450 1A1 in HepG2 cells through increased interaction of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (show AHR Antibodies) with aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator (show ARNT Antibodies).

  2. Polymorphism in the CYP1A1 gene is an important risk modifier for lung cancer.

  3. The CYP1A1 Gene of rs4646903 minor alleles and interaction between rs4646903 and rs1048943 were associated with increased cervical cancer risk.

  4. RvD1 down-regulates cytochrome P450 (show CYP Antibodies) (CYP1A1) and prostaglandin synthase 2 (PTGS2 (show PTGS2 Antibodies)) gene expression.

  5. CYP1A1 gene polymorphisms and psychological distress act independently but do not interact with each other in pathogenesis of male infertility.

  6. This meta-analysis suggested that CYP1A1 Ile462Val polymorphism was associated with an increased risk of endometriosis, particularly in Asians. CYP1A1 MspI polymorphism may not be associated with endometriosis risk, but GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Antibodies) and CYP1A1 MspI polymorphism may have a joint effect on endometriosis risk

  7. The analysis results showed that the following polymorphisms were correlated with susceptibility to lung cancer: rs4646903 in CYP1A1 (P < 0.001), rs1048943 in CYP1A1 (P < 0.001), rs1695 in GSTP1 (show GSTP1 Antibodies) (P < 0.05), rs13181 in ERCC2 (show ERCC2 Antibodies) (P < 0.001), and rs25487 in XRCC1 (show XRCC1 Antibodies) (P < 0.05); no such correlation existed in rs861539 in XRCC3 (show XRCC3 Antibodies) (P > 0.05).

  8. polymorphisms of CYP1A1 gene were not associated with uterine leiomyoma susceptibility, however, the combination of the TT/AG genotypes and TG haplotype could increase risk

  9. Positive results were found in 15 situations when genes were analyzed in groups of 3; the most significant result corresponded to polymorphisms of p53 (show TP53 Antibodies), ERb (show ESR2 Antibodies) and GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Antibodies) seen in 20%; PROGINS, ERb (show ESR2 Antibodies) and GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Antibodies) in 18%; and p53 (show TP53 Antibodies), ERb (show ESR2 Antibodies) and PROGINS in 12% patients., while 31.25% patients showed GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Antibodies)- PROGINS and GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Antibodies)-CYP1A1 polymorphism

  10. No association of functional polymorphisms in the estrogen metabolism genes CYP1A1 with menstrual migraine.

Mouse (Murine) Cytochrome P450, Family 1, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP1A1) interaction partners

  1. Taken together, CAPE decreases 3-MC-mediated CYP1A1 expression, and this inhibitory response is associated with inhibition of AhR (show AHR Antibodies) and HIF-1alpha (show HIF1A Antibodies) induction.

  2. Our results support the hypothesis that CYP1A1 protects against hyperoxic lung injury by decreasing oxidative stress.

  3. CYP1A1 contributes to nitric oxide bioavailability and blood pressure regulation mediated by dietary omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

  4. Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (show AHR Antibodies) mediated induction of hepatic CYP1A1/1A2 is dependent on the presence of ctnnb1 (show CTNNB1 Antibodies).

  5. Suggest that CYP1A induction by coplanar polychlorinated/brominated biphenyls depends on AhR (show AHR Antibodies) transcriptional activity and not on AhR (show AHR Antibodies) expression.

  6. Identify hepatic proteins necessary for the AHR (show AHR Antibodies)-dependent induction of CYP1A1 by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.

  7. In livers of HRN mice Cyp1a1, cytochrome b5 (show CYB5A Antibodies) and mEH (show EPHX1 Antibodies) can effectively activate BaP (show PHB2 Antibodies) to DNA binding species, even in the presence of very low amounts of P450 (show POR Antibodies) oxidoreductase (show HSD17B6 Antibodies).

  8. Reactive oxygen species production contributes to benzo[a]pyrene (BaP (show PHB2 Antibodies))-exacerbated atherosclerosis and CYP1A1 plays a protective role against oral BaP (show PHB2 Antibodies) toxicity in aorta

  9. harmine and harmaline are promising candidate to inhibit TCDD-mediated induction of Cyp1a1 in mice hepatic and extrahepatic tissues

  10. Regular consumption of green and white tea exerted protection against benzo(a)pyrene induced toxicity as it modulates the CYP1B1 (show CYP1B1 Antibodies), CYP1A1 enzymes, resulting in reduction of BaPDE-DNA adducts formation.

Rabbit Cytochrome P450, Family 1, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP1A1) interaction partners

  1. CYP1A1 and CYP1A2 (show CYP1A2 Antibodies) localization into different lipid microdomains is governed by their N-terminal and internal protein regions

CYP1A1 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene, CYP1A1, encodes a member of the cytochrome P450 superfamily of enzymes. The cytochrome P450 proteins are monooxygenases which catalyze many reactions involved in drug metabolism and synthesis of cholesterol, steroids and other lipids. This protein localizes to the endoplasmic reticulum and its expression is induced by some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), some of which are found in cigarette smoke. The enzyme's endogenous substrate is unknown\; however, it is able to metabolize some PAHs to carcinogenic intermediates. The gene has been associated with lung cancer risk. A related family member, CYP1A2, is located approximately 25 kb away from CYP1A1 on chromosome 15.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with CYP1A1

  • cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily A, polypeptide 1 (CYP1A1) antibody
  • cytochrome P450 1A1 (CYPIA1) antibody
  • cytochrome P450 1A1 (CpipJ_CPIJ010542) antibody
  • cytochrome P450 1A1 (cyp1a1) antibody
  • cytochrome P450 1A1 (CYP1A1) antibody
  • cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily a, polypeptide 1 (Cyp1a1) antibody
  • cytochrome P4501A1 (CYP1A1) antibody
  • polycyclic hydrocarbon-inducible cytochrome P450c (LOC100328613) antibody
  • AHH antibody
  • AHRR antibody
  • CP11 antibody
  • CYP1 antibody
  • CYP1A1 antibody
  • Cyp1a2 antibody
  • Cyp45c antibody
  • Cypc45c antibody
  • CYPIA1 antibody
  • P-450MC antibody
  • P1-450 antibody
  • P450-1 antibody
  • P450-C antibody
  • P450DX antibody

Protein level used designations for CYP1A1

cytochrome P450 1A1 , CYPIA1 , cytochrome P450 CYP1A1 , aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase , cytochrome P1-450, dioxin-inducible , cytochrome P450 form 6 , cytochrome P450, subfamily I (aromatic compound-inducible), polypeptide 1 , cytochrome P450-C , cytochrome P450-P1 , flavoprotein-linked monooxygenase , xenobiotic monooxygenase , P450MT2 , P450form6 , cytochrome P1-450 , cytochrome P450 subfamily I (aromatic compound-inducible) member A1 (C6 form c) (C6 form c) , cytochrome P450, 1a1 , cytochrome P450, subfamily I (aromatic compound-inducible), member A1 (C6, form c) (C6, form c) , cytochrome P450MT2 , dioxin-inducible , microsomal monooxygenase , aromatic compound inducible , cytochrome P450 family 1 subfamily a polypeptide 2 , cytochrome P450 subfamily I, polypeptide 1 , cytochrome P450, 1a1, aromatic compound inducible , P-450 PHPAH1 , P450 LM6 , P450 isozyme 6 , cytochrome P-450 PHPAH1 , cytochrome P450 LM6 , cytochrome P450 isozyme 6

678694 Macaca mulatta
704920 Macaca mulatta
6043063 Culex quinquefasciatus
100020715 Monodelphis domestica
100062285 Equus caballus
100145341 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
403103 Sus scrofa
554347 Felis catus
1543 Homo sapiens
24296 Rattus norvegicus
13076 Mus musculus
100686778 Canis lupus familiaris
100135512 Cavia porcellus
100170113 Ovis aries
100328613 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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