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Aco-1, AI256519, Irebp, Irp1
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Mouse ACO1 ACO1 11428 P28271

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Mouse (Murine) Aconitase 1 (ACO1) interaction partners

  1. Using whole RNA sequencing of bone marrow cells in iron-overloaded mice, it was observed that Idh1 (show IDH1 ELISA Kits) and Aco1, enzymes involved in the TCA cycle, were elevated.

  2. The Irp1-/- mice develop polycythemia and pulmonary hypertension, and suggesting that Irp1 plays an essential role in erythropoiesis and in the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems.

  3. IRP1 and IRP2 (show IREB2 ELISA Kits) mutant mice rapidly succumb to systemic infection with Salmonella Typhimurium, a pathogenic bacterium that multiplies within macrophages, with increased bacterial burdens in liver and spleen.

  4. results uncover an unexpected protective role of IRP1 in pathological conditions associated with altered Fe-S metabolism

  5. Aco1 KD in fully differentiated 3T3-L1 adipocytes decreased lipogenic, Idh1 (show IDH1 ELISA Kits), Adipoq (show ADIPOQ ELISA Kits), and Glut4 (show SLC2A4 ELISA Kits) gene expression.

  6. impaired mitochondrial [Fe-S] cluster biogenesis in Mfrn1 (show SLC25A37 ELISA Kits)(gt/gt (show FABP6 ELISA Kits)) cells results in elevated IRP1 RNA-binding that attenuates ALAS2 (show ALAS2 ELISA Kits) mRNA translation and protoporphyrin accumulation

  7. Data indicate that JTR-009, a benzimidazole, operated by preventing iron-regulatory protein-1 (IRP1) from binding to the iron-responsive element (IRE) in APP (show APP ELISA Kits) mRNA.

  8. Human ACO1 is a moonlighting protein that has both aconitase (show ACO2 ELISA Kits) enzyme activity as well as an mRNA binding function.

  9. Aco1 is a moonlighting protein that has aconitase (show ACO2 ELISA Kits) activity as well as mRNA binding ability.

  10. IRP1 is the principal regulator of HIF2alpha (show EPAS1 ELISA Kits) mRNA translation

Aconitase 1 (ACO1) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Catalyzes the isomerization of citrate to isocitrate via cis-aconitate (By similarity). Iron sensor. Binds a 4Fe-4S cluster and functions as aconitase when cellular iron levels are high. Functions as mRNA binding protein that regulates uptake, sequestration and utilization of iron when cellular iron levels are low. Binds to iron-responsive elements (IRES) in target mRNA species when iron levels are low. Binding of a 4Fe-4S cluster precludes RNA binding (By similarity).

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Aconitase 1 (ACO1)

  • aconitase 1 (Aco1) Elisa Kit
  • Aco-1 Elisa Kit
  • AI256519 Elisa Kit
  • Irebp Elisa Kit
  • Irp1 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Aconitase 1 (ACO1) ELISA Kits

IRE-BP 1 , citrate hydro-lyase , cytoplasmic aconitase , cytoplasmic aconitate hydratase , iron regulatory protein 1 , iron-responsive element-binding protein 1

11428 Mus musculus
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