Chloride Channel, Voltage-Sensitive 6 (CLCN6) ELISA Kits

CLCN6 encodes a member of the voltage-dependent chloride channel protein family. Additionally we are shipping Chloride Channel, Voltage-Sensitive 6 Antibodies (27) and Chloride Channel, Voltage-Sensitive 6 Proteins (6) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Anti-Human CLCN6 CLCN6 1185 P51797
Anti-Mouse CLCN6 CLCN6 26372 O35454
Anti-Rat CLCN6 CLCN6 295586  
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Human Chloride Channel, Voltage-Sensitive 6 (CLCN6) interaction partners

  1. These findings implicate the effect of rare coding variants in CLCN6 in Blood Pressure variation and offer new insights into Blood Pressure regulation.

  2. A non-synonymous single nucleotide variation (SNV) was identified in the voltage-sensitive chloride channel 6 gene.

  3. late endosomal ClC-6 mediates proton/chloride countertransport in heterologous plasma membrane expression

  4. differential sorting of endogenous (late endosomal) versus overexpressed (early and recycling endosomal) ClC-6 is reminiscent of that of other late endosomal/lysosomal membrane proteins

Mouse (Murine) Chloride Channel, Voltage-Sensitive 6 (CLCN6) interaction partners

  1. This study demonistrated that clcn6 gene expression in mouse dorsal raphe nucleus

  2. Chloride channel 6 (Clcn6) deficient mice have a later-onset form of mild neurologic dysfunction similar to neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.

  3. ClC-6 protein is almost exclusively expressed in neurons of the central and peripheral nervous systems, with a particularly high expression in dorsal root ganglia.

Chloride Channel, Voltage-Sensitive 6 (CLCN6) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the voltage-dependent chloride channel protein family. Members of this family can function as either chloride channels or antiporters. This protein is primarily localized to late endosomes and functions as a chloride/proton antiporter. Alternate splicing results in both coding and non-coding variants. Additional alternately spliced variants have been described but their full-length structure is unknown.

Gene names and symbols associated with CLCN6

  • chloride voltage-gated channel 6 (CLCN6) antibody
  • chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 6 (Clcn6) antibody
  • chloride voltage-gated channel 6 (Clcn6) antibody
  • chloride channel 6 (clcn6) antibody
  • chloride transport protein 6 (LOC579870) antibody
  • chloride channel 6 (CLCN6) antibody
  • AI850629 antibody
  • CLC-6 antibody
  • CLCN6 antibody
  • DKFZp469B244 antibody
  • DKFZp469L0417 antibody
  • wu:fb95f01 antibody

Protein level used designations for CLCN6

chloride transport protein 6 , chloride channel protein 6 , clC-6 , chloride channel 6 , chloride channel CLC-6 , KIAA0046-like , chloride transport protein 6-like

1185 Homo sapiens
26372 Mus musculus
295586 Rattus norvegicus
419488 Gallus gallus
457955 Pan troglodytes
478229 Canis lupus familiaris
520210 Bos taurus
568122 Danio rerio
579870 Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
714793 Macaca mulatta
100008750 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100013630 Monodelphis domestica
100086113 Ornithorhynchus anatinus
100172144 Pongo abelii
100367184 Saccoglossus kowalevskii
100392079 Callithrix jacchus
100469608 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
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