FACS Antibodies - BD Biosciences

BD is a global medical technology company founded 1897 in New Jersey and improves medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. Over the years the company contributed to scientific progress, e.g. being the inventor of the well-known Falcon tubes.

The department BD Biosciences designs, manufactures, and sells fluorescence-activated cell sorters and analyzers, monoclonal antibodies, and kits for cell analysis, and many more laboratory products. The BD Biosciences commitment to quality includes continual improvement of flow cytometry tools. The brands BD Phosflow™ and BD Pharmingen™ unite quality with reliability. The conjugated antibodies are designed to help characterize cells through surface, intracellular, or secreted markers. If you are interested in more information about BD Biosciences and their products simply visit our supplier page.

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