ELISA Blocking Buffer

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Characteristics ELISA Microwell Blocking Buffer with Stabilizer is designed to block microwells coated with antigens, antibodies or other ligands and stablize the plates for drying. ELISA stabilizer allows the user to dry and store the plates for a minimum of one (1) year without significant loss of signal.
Application Notes This product is a ''ready-to-use'' 1X solution for stabilizing ELISA plates for storage prior to ELISA. After coating with antigen or antibody, wash the contents of the ELISA microwells and add a sufficient volume of ELISA Microwell Blocking Buffer with Stabilizer to each well of the microplate. Let stand for 2h at room temperature. Aspirate contents of each well and allow the plate to dry. Seal the plate and store appropriately for future use. This buffer contains phosphate buffered saline, and proprietary reagents to block and stabilize ELISA plates. A proprietary combination of stabilizers and preservatives are used that is azide and mercury free.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Concentration 1 X
Storage 4 °C
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ELISA image for ELISA Blocking Buffer (ABIN925585) Immunochemicals produces a wide variety of buffers and substrates for use in ELISAs. ...