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Ceruloplasmin Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit Kit

AcA Reactivity: Mammalian Colorimetric
Catalog No. ABIN1685928
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  • Target
    Ceruloplasmin (Ferroxidase) (CP)
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    Detection Method
    Detection Range
    5-500 mU/mL
    Minimum Detection Limit
    5 mU/mL
    Activity Assay (AcA)
    Simple, highly sensitive, and high-throughput suitable.
    Ceruloplasmin Activity Assay Kit utilizes an oxidase substrate, which gives an intensely colored product upon oxidation.
    The assay kit can measure ceruloplasmin activity in serum in the range between approximately 5 and 500 mU/mL.
    Ceruloplasmin Activity Colorimetric Assay Kit: Rapid, Simple, Sensitive & HTS kit to measure ceruloplasmin activity in serum.
    Measurement of ceruloplasmin activity in serum
    Wave length for detection: OD 560 nm.
    Ceruloplasmin Assay Buffer
    Ammonium Sulfate, saturated (~4.1M)
    Ceruloplasmin Substrate
    Oxidizer (100 mM)
  • Application Notes
    Measurement of ceruloplasmin activity in serum

    Further details regarding sample type: Serum

    For Research Use only
  • Storage
    4 °C
    Expiry Date
    12 months
  • Target
    Ceruloplasmin (Ferroxidase) (CP)
    Alternative Name
    Ceruloplasmin (CP ELISA Kit Abstract)
    CP-2, fi23f10, wu:fi23f10, D3Ertd555e, CERP, CP, ceruloplasmin, CP, cp, Cp, LOC100533122
    Ceruloplasmin is a copper containing protein found primarily in the blood. It carries approximately 70 % of the total copper present in the blood. Ceruloplasmin exhibits a weak oxidase activity, which is a more accurate method of assessing ceruloplasmin in serum than immunodiffusion or other non-enzymatic assays. Normal Ceruloplasmin levels are generally 1-4 μM (15-60 mg/dl), equivalent to approximately 50-150 mU/mL. Elevated amounts of serum ceruloplasmin are found in pregnancy, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and in several mental conditions such as Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and OCD. Abnormally low amounts are found in Wilson's and Menkes' Diseases and in several other rare conditions.
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