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Bisulfite Conversion Kit Kit

Catalog No. ABIN2866119
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  • Application
    Tet-assisted Bisulfite Sequencing (TAB-Seq)
    The Bisulfite Conversion Kit is tested for cytosine conversion efficiency using 500 ng human genomic DNA and the included conversion-specific PCR primer pair.
  • Comment

    The genomic DNA is treated with 50 μg/ml Proteinase K for 30 minutes prior to setting up the 1.5 hour conversion reaction as stated in the assay protocol. Following the on-column desulfonation and DNA purification, 2 μl of bisulfite converted DNA was amplified for 35 cycles using the conversion-specific PCR primer pair that is provided in the kit. PCR is also performed on 40 ng of unconverted human DNA using the same conversion-specifc PCR primer set and a water control. Ten microliters of each PCR reaction was loaded onto a 2% agarose gel (Figure 1). The conversion-specific PCR primer pair is specific towards bisulfite converted human and mouse DNA. Therefore, a 220 bp amplicon is present in the bisulfite treated DNA samples and not is not seen in the untreated or water control lanes.

    For Research Use only
  • Storage
    4 °C/-20 °C
    Storage Comment
    The Bisulfite Conversion Kit is shipped at room temperature and can be stored at 4°C prior to first use. The kit contains components with storage conditions that include room temperature and -20°C. Please refer to the product manual or component label for the proper storage temperature of each item.
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