Protein Molecular Weight Marker

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Detection Range
6.5-180 kDa
Minimum Detection Limit
6.5 kDa
SDS-PAGE (SDS), Western Blotting (WB)
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Purpose Protein Molecular Weight Marker
Detection Method Chemiluminescent
Characteristics 1. Chemiluminescent Protein Molecular Weight Marker (biotinylated) is designed specially for chemiluminescence related assays. In concert with provided Streptavidin-HRP, it can detect the protein and the molecular weight marker in chemiluminescence assay. It is visual to estimate the molecular weight because the target band and marker were displayed in the same film. 2. This marker also can be used for detecting the molecular weight in Western blot (HRP conjugated antibody is used as secondary antibody). The protein molecular weight is the mixture of purified protein and biotin, and the marker span 9 bands, from 6.5 kDa to 180 kDa, the experimental conditions for chemiluminescent WB are optimized. 3. The molecular weight marker contains 9 engineered proteins with molecular weight from 6.5 kDa to 180 kDa, they are a2-Macroglobulin (180 kDa) , beta-Galactosidase (116 kDa) , phosphorylase (97 kDa) , catalase (58.1 kDa) , alcohol dehydrogenase (39.8 kDa) , carbonic anhydrase (29 kDa) , soybean trypsin inhibitor (20.1 kDa) , lysozyme (14.3 kDa) , aprotinin (6.5 kDa).
Restrictions For Research Use only
Storage -20 °C