Assay to detect apoptosis

MitoCapture™ Mitochondrial Apoptosis Detection Kit

The MitoCapture™ Mitochondrial Apoptosis Detection Kit offers a simple and sensitive in vitro assay for the detection of apoptotic cells. The assay uses a unique dye which detects the modified transmembrane potential in mitochondria during apoptosis.

The assay uses MitoCapture™, a cationic dye that fluoresces in a different color in apoptotic cells. In healthy cells, MitoCapture™ accumulates and aggregates in the mitochondria, giving off a bright red fluorescence. In apoptotic cells, a shift in the mitochondrial transmembrane potential prevents MitoCapture™ from aggregating in the mitochondria. The dye remains as a monomer in the cytoplasm and fluoresces green.

The green fluorescent signals can easily be detected by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.