Stem cell growth factors from Shenandoah

has over 60 years' experience in molecular biology and recombinant protein technology. Their recombinant proteins are biologically active and typically over 95% pure. The company specialises in the development and production of E. coli and baculovirus proteins for universities, pharmaceutical companies and government research institutes worldwide.

The product range includes:

  • Adiopokine
  • Betadefensin
  • Bone morphogenetic proteins
  • Chemokines
  • Cytokines, recombinant human, murine and rat
  • Enzymes
  • Glycoprotein
  • Growth factors
  • Hormone
  • Interferons
  • Interleukins
  • Ligands
  • Neurotrophin
  • Other recombinant proteins
  • Receptors

    Recently has expanded their portfolio for stem cell related products. Look through Shenandoah's updated list of stem cell growth factors.