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Chromobodies® are a novel species of intracellular functional antibodies. Chromobodies® are made by fusing the antigen binding domain (VHH) derived from heavy chains from camelidae antibodies to fluorescent proteins. These fluorescent biomarkers can be used for direct detection and tracking of endogenous proteins and other cellular components in vivo. Using chromobodies ® for live cell analysis will greatly expand the quality and quantity of information.

Chromobodies® can, in principle, detect any antigenic structure, including posttranslational modifications. Depending on the epitope chosen, chromobodies can also be used to modulate protein function in living cells.

On, Chromobodies® are provided as Chromobody® which can be used to transfect individual cell lines.

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Source: Anal Bioanal Chem. 2010 August; 397(8): 3203–3208.