Type I collagen products from Olaf Pharmaceuticals now available

was founded in 2011 and provides high-quality, industry-leading pharmaceutical products. This specializes in high quality extracellular matrix products for various purposes such as cell attachment, cell growth, cell differentiation, cell migration, stem cell research, tissue engineering and tissue morphogenesis.

The product range of is as follows:

  • Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells (Various Tissues)
  • 3-Dimensional Tissue Engineering
  • Coated Plates
  • siRNA
  • RFP-Labeled Cells
  • GFP-Labeled Cells
  • Stables shRNA transfected HUVECs
  • Mouse Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
  • Isotopic Control IgG
  • Recombinant Adenovirus
  • Functional Antibody
  • Collagen Hydrogels
  • GFP Expressing Human Fibroblasts
  • Anti-Human Antibody
  • Anti-Mouse Antibody
offers a range of Type I collagen products derived from various sources.