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MagnaMedics now provides 98 different magnetic beads from our new supplier .

is specialized in the development of paramagnetic particles to separate cells, proteins or DNA in a fast and sufficient approach.

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Magnetic beads from MagnaMedics are silica based and, due to its microporous surface, have a large surface area. The beads are available in different sizes, magnetic strengths and surface functionalities. Standard bead sizes are 300 nm, 600 nm, 1.0 µm and 3.0 µm. The beads consist of many ferromagnetic grains with randomly oriented magnetic moments, encapsulated in a non-magnetic silica shell. The size of the ferromagnetic grains is about 10-15 nm. Due to the small size and random orientation of the magnetic moments, the beads behave superparamagnetically and the magnetic moment without a magnetic field is 0. offers beads with different surface functionalities, where your antibody of interest can be coupled to by yourself, but also beads with a surface coating of streptavidin and specific beads to bind DNA.

For example MagSi beads can be used as solid support phase in DNA extraction and purification protocols by a simple bind/wash/elute principle (see figure 1). The products are intended for the development of custom protocols and are suitable for various sample sources and buffer systems. MagSi-beads for genomic applications are available with a range of physical properties and a silica or carboxyl modified surface.

Principle of a magnatice bead from MagnaMedics

Figure 1: Principle of immunoassay based on MagSi-STA beads ABIN1721137

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