“Save science” – Online-edition of “Der Spiegel” presents an article about the Independent Validation Initiative and the Reproducibility Initiative.

(…) Since last summer Andreas Kessel and Tim Hiddemann from antibodies-online.com support the initiators of Science Exchange. The former spin-off headquartered in Aachen currently delivers more than one million antibodies to laboratories all over the world. It is the task of this cooperation to make antibodies to provide qualitative comparability for antibodies, which are used in biomedical sciences. Scientists and manufacturers can suggest antibodies for validation, which will then be tested in independent laboratories of one of the 1,400 research facilities that build the Science Exchange network. After successful testing the “Independently Validated" label with individual identification number will be granted. This label is intended to be not only a tool for easy validation of scientific studies. Furthermore, with purchase of tested products researchers obtain certainty that antibodies work as it is described in test protocols – and that they are the most suitable choice for the respective question. (...) Source: http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/qualitaet-der-forschung-rettet-die-wissenschaft-a-959629.html
Source: Spiegel Online