Independent Validation

Six more ELISA kits successfully validated

Independent Validation

Six additional ELISA kits were successfully validated now. All of them are for the detection in human and were therefore tested with human serum. Goat serum served as negative control. Those kits detect the following antigens: MBP/MBL,CCL22,CLA,CXCL16,IL6ST, and VCAM1.

Independent Validation
In mid 2013 the "Independent Validation Initiative" started as a partnership between Science Exchange and The project aims to enable scientists to select products (presently antibodies or ELISA kits) of their interest to be validated by labs from top academic research institutes.

Since we started the initiative we have successfully validated 92 products. The first was a anti-Fibrinogen antibody, followed by a couple of other interesting antibodies and ELISA kits. The latest succesfully validated products were the following six ELISA kits for the detection of MBP/MBL,CCL22,CLA,CXCL16,IL6ST, and VCAM1. A few more products are currentlly being validated.

If you are interested in having a product validated, you can simply click the "Request validation" button on the product site. When requesting a validation you can specify the application the product should be validated for. Validation is free for all customers and costs will be covered by the respective supplier.

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